Metroid (organism)

What a Metroid looks like
Metroids are gelatanous creatures native to SR-388. They are considered the most deadly creatures in the galaxy and are capable of annihilating several people. Metroids come in several forms. The average Metroid goes through Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Omega stages.

The most common image of a Metroid is that of an Alpha Metroid. As it grows, it becomes more dinosaur like and becomes ferocious and heavily armored. Some Metroids mature to the point of a Queen Metroid.

Metroids are able to use their mighty fangs to latch on to virtually any creature and drain the energy out of it. It takes an explosion to detach them as they have great force and without cold based weaponry, requires heavy firepower to kill. In all forms, Metroids are vulnerable only to cold. As they grow, the weakpoint of a Metroid becomes more and more difficult to access. In Metroid II, Samus Aran erradicated the Metroid species with the exception of one hatchling.

In Super Metroid, this hatchline grew to immense proportions (still in the Alpha form) and died trying to protect Samus (who was viewed as the Metroid's mother by the creature) from Mother Brain. 

In Metroid Fusion, a cure was developed for the X-Parasite using the final Metroid's cells. It was also discovered that the Federation had secretely cloned Metroids for their own uses though they were destroyed when discovered by Samus Aran.

Prior to the eradication of Metroids, Space Pirates exposed them to Phazon in Metroid Prime 1 and 2. This resulted in the Hunter and Fission Metroids. The Hunter Metroid was a mutated form of the Alpha Metroid with tentacles as opposed to fangs and was capable of latching on from distances and draining energy, they are also much more versatile.

Fission Metroids are essentially Alpha Metroids that split into two Metroids when attacked. Each of these Metroids is vulnerable to a specific weapon (as opposed to always cold).
In Metroid Prime 2, the Ing attached to Metroids forming a Dark Metroid which is essentially a more powerful Metroid vulnerable to light. Metroid Prime, though given the name of Metroid, is not actually a true Metroid.
Though it does have the mysterious ability to spawn Alpha, Hunter, and Fission Metroids it does not suck out energy but rather Phazon. The creature does resemble a Metroid in its pure form but can also integrate technology of any kind and produce pure liquid Phazon. It has the ability to phase through the visible spectrum and is considered one source of the corrupting Phazon radiation.

Overall, these Metroids and their many forms are lethal, and should not be tampered with. Samus Aran is one of the only people with the ability to kill these creatures. As it is called, the Metroid is the creature that started it all.

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