Metroid (Organism)

The Metroids are a man made, artificial species that were created by the Chozo. The Metroids have a very strange appearance indeed with the best way of describing them as an extraterrestrial jellyfish, however, they do not live in water like jellyfish. Their body consists of a transparent membrane that encases 3 nuclei that presumably process the life energy they harvest. To extract this life energy, they use a set of mandibles, 2 large ones for grasping their prey and two smaller ones to extract the energy. They are a very dangerous life form, attack-able only when frozen, but luckily they are only found in Tourain, the Space Pirates HQ.

[edit] Metroid

In the original Metroid game for NES, the Metroids are only encountered in the Space Pirate HQ, Tourain, the final stage of the game. If you dont have the ice beam with you, you are unable to proceed as they are invincible otherwise.

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