Metroid: Other M


Metroid : Other M
DeveloperProject M (Nintendo SPD Production Group 1, Team Ninja, D-Rockets)
Release DateNorth America: August 31, 2010

Japan: September 2, 2010
Europe: September 3, 2010

Australia: September 2, 2010
Mode(s)Single Player
Rating(s)PEGI: 16+
MediaWii Optical Disc
Input MethodsWii Remote and Nunchuk

[edit] Overview

Metroid: Other M is a title originally announced at E3 2009, developed by a unique set of members from Team Ninja and Nintendo. Other M places Samus Aran in her first ever 3D first/third-Person game. This game can be seen as a more up-to-date revisit of the old gaming style, sure to please the old Metroid fans. Players should note that the first-person gameplay is only accessible while remaining stationary, it cannot be utilised while the player is moving about. It's more of an extra feature, as opposed to a 50/50 balance of the two styles.

[edit] Storyline

The game starts by the showing of the battle with Mother Brain at the end of Super Metroid. Awakening on a Galactic Federation ship, Samus receives a distress signal and ventures out to investigate. She finds some old friends including Anthony Higgs, Adam Malkovich and some soldiers. Her welcome is not a warm one, however, with them shunning her and refusing to share any mission details. After saving their lives, Samus is then accepted into the team with open arms and everyone splits up to explore different sections of the vessel to try and work out what happened and what did it. The main goal then is to go to each Communications/Save room.

The game is considered a Metroid '3.5' due to its placement between Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion in an attempt to explain some of the missing details in Samus Aran's history.

[edit] Controls

Despite being on the Wii, this game only makes use of the Wii Remote, with no inclusion of the Nunchuck. Players will hold their remote on a horizontal and longways, making it look and act more like controllers of the past. The overall controls of this game look to be far simpler than previous editions, going back further to the very first string of Metroid games (keeping in theme with the return to their older style, as it does not apply just to the gameplay itself).

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