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Release Date(s)Aug 6, 86 [NA]
Jan 15, 88 [EU]
Aug 6, 86 [JP]
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Metroid is the first game in the Metroid Series. It is also the first game in the Metroid universes timeline. The game was released exclusively for the Nintendo Entertainment System on August 6, 1986. It was also later released on the Gameboy Advance in a package titled Classic NES Series: Metroid.

The story of this game would be retold in Metroid: Zero Mission.


[edit] Storyline

In the year 2000 of the history of the cosmos, representatives from the many different planets in the galaxy established a congress called the Galactic Federation, and an age of prosperity began. A successful stellar spaceships ferried back and forth between planets. But Space Pirates also appeared to attack the spaceships. The Federation Bureau created the Galactic Federation Police, but the pirates’ attacks were powerful and it was not easy to catch then in the vastness of space. The Federation Bureau and the Federation Police called together warriors known for their great courage and sent them to do battle with the pirates. These great warriors were called "space hunters". They received large rewards when they captured pirates, and made their living as space bounty hunters. It is now year 20X5 of the history of the cosmos, and something terrible has happened.

Space pirates have attacked a deep-space research spaceship and seized a capsule containing an unknown life-form that had just been discovered on the Planet SR388. This life-form is in a state of suspended animation, but can be reactivated and will multiply when exposed to beta rays for 24 hours. It is suspected that the entire civilization of SR388 was destroyed by some unknown person or thing, and there is a strong possibility that the life-form just discovered was the cause of the planet’s destruction. To carelessly let it multiply would be extremely dangerous. The Federation researchers had named it "Metroid" and were bringing it back to Earth-- when it was stolen by the space pirates! If Metroid is multiplied by the space pirates and then used as a weapon, the entire galactic civilization will be destroyed. After a desperate search, the Federation Police have at last found the pirates’ headquarters, the fortress planet Zebes, and launched a general attack. But the pirates’ resistance is strong, and the police have been unable to take the planet.

Meanwhile, in a room hidden deep within the center of the fortress, the preparations for multiplying the Metroid is progressing steadily. As a last resort, the Federation Police have decided on this strategy to send a space hunter to penetrate the center of the fortress and destroy the Mother Brain. The space hunter chosen for this mission is Samus Aran. Samus is the greatest of all the space hunters and has successfully completed numerous missions that that everyone thought were absolutely impossible. Samus is a cyborg, who’s entire body has been surgically strengthened with robotics, giving Samus superpowers. Even the space pirates fear this space suit, which can absorb any enemy’s power. But Samus’ true form is shrouded in mystery. The planet Zebes is a natural fortress. Its sides are covered with a special kind of stone, and its interior is a complicated maze. On top of that, the pirates have planted devices and booby traps in the maze, and the pirates’ eery followers lie in wait around every corner. Samus has now succeeded in penetrating Zebes. But time is running out. Will she be able to destroy the Metroid and save the galaxy?

[edit] Controls

The Controller used for Metroid

A Button: Used to jump up in the air; Hold a directional pad to commence a somersault in the air.

B Button: Fire Arm Cannons; Fire Missles; Fire with current Weapon. Lay bombs (in Morph Ball mode)

Select: Switch to Missle Mode.

Start: Pauses the Game

Left/Right: Move Samus

Down: Turn into morph ball

-[Extra Note] You'll also get energy boost while you progress through the game to increase your attack.

[edit] Bosses

[edit] Items

  • Ice Beam
    • The Ice Beam changes Samus' beam to a freezing shot, any enemies struck by the beam will be instantly frozen. Shoot the target again to unfreeze it. While an enemy is frozen, Samus can jump on top of them without taking damage. You'll need the Ice Beam when venturing into Tourian near the end of the game, as it'll be critical when facing the Metroids.
  • Wave Beam
    • Gives Samus' arm cannon the ability to fire a series of energy balls that fly in a wavy pattern. The pattern of the shots can greatly help in destroying smaller enemies and gives Samus a wider firing range.
  • Long Beam
    • Initially, Samus' arm cannon's range will only be quite short, but once this weapon's found early in the game, her shot range will reach the edge of the screen for any weapon type equipped. You'll also be treated to a new sound effect for Samus' beam shots.
  • Missiles
    • Missiles litter the corridors and shafts of Zebes, you'll be finding plenty of these while exploring the vast caverns. Each Missile Tank found adds five missiles to Samus' maximum arsenal. You'll be able to find a maximum limit of 255 Missiles.
  • Energy Ball
    • Restores a portion of Samus's energy.
  • Energy Tank
    • This will give Samus an extra 100 energy units above her current maximum health level - definitely worth searching for. You'll be able to carry up to a maximum of six energy tanks, but eight are hidden throughout the game.
  • Morph Ball
    • This special ability will allow Samus to crouch down and assume the shape of a small ball. She can roll around while in the ball form, allowing her to crawl through narrow tunnels. You'll also be given the ability to plant bombs once you've found the Bomb upgrade.
  • Bomb
    • While in the Morphing Ball mode, Samus can plant bombs that can damage enemies within range. The bombs can also break open hidden tunnels within certain rooms.
  • High Jump Boots
    • This allows Samus the ability to jump much higher than her normal jumping height.
  • Screw Attack
    • This deadly ability allows Samus to charge up energy in her body while performing a somersault jump. When Samus jumps, she'll begin flashing indicating that the Screw Attack's in action. Any enemies coming in contact with Samus will be obliterated.
  • Varia Suit
    • The Varia greatly enhances Samus' Power Suit, reducing damage inflicted by enemies by half.

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