Maridia is an aquatic area located on planet Zebes and can only be properly explored with the Gravity Suit upgrade, which is found after beating Phantoon on the Wrecked Ship. This area contains three upgrades: the Space Jump, Plasma Beam and Spring Ball.

This area is only found in Super Metroid, although parts of this area were Brinstar's Rock Zone in the original Metroid.

[edit] Super Metroid

Maridia is first encountered early on in a glass tunnel known as the "Mardian tube" which connects Brinstar to Kraid's lair. This tube can be shattered with a Power Bomb which can give early access to Maridia, but without the Gravity Suit you are very limited to what you can explore.

Maridia is split up into two main sections, "Upper Maridia" and "Lower Maridia". The difference between the two areas is music change: Lower Maridia has a gentle and quiet score, while Upper Maridia consists of a loud, dramatic score.

[edit] Lower Maridia

Lower Marida is accessed from the afromentioned Brinstar tube and icontains the most water in Zebes with two huge rooms totally full with water. No important power ups are found here just some Missiles, an Energy Tank and Super Missiles. To get to Upper Marida, one must traverse to the top of the first huge room encountered and open a hatch on the top right hand corner.

Lower Maridia is also where the Spring Ball can be picked up. Head as far to the right as you can in the quicksand room without falling into it, then hang off the broken grapple block. It'll give way, allowing for a Wall Jump or Space Jump up the shaft, one that needs to be traversed in order to drop to the door.

In the following chamber detonate a Power Bomb but do not shoot Shaktool! After the wall has been broken with a Power Bomb, it'll dig its way through to the other side, with the Spring Ball on the other side of that door following a maze.

[edit] Upper Maridia

Upper Marida has more Space Pirate activity in the form of aquatic based labatorys and failed Metroid clones called Mochtroids. This section is very maze like with quicksand pools that can either bring you to other parts of Maridia, lead you to spikes or simply get you stuck which can be quite difficult to escape from. There is also an entrance to Crateria located at the very top of Marida, although you need to bypass Wrecked Ship to get back to main Crateria.

This section contains the area's mini-boss Botwoon. To defeat it shoot its head with Super Missiles as it travels around the room, just don't get in its way and stay alert for its green projectiles!

Further along is this area's boss, Draygon. Defeating this powerful enemy will grant access to the Space Jump, along with unlocking a number of Metal Doors around the area. One of them in the top of Maridia leads to the Plasma Beam, a must-have for the challenges ahead!

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