MP2 Bosses


[edit] Alpha Blogg

This boss can be either really hard or really easy depending on how good your timing is. The first stage is just the alpha blogg. It shares the same weakness as the blogg, meaning you can only hit it when its mouth is open. This can be a bit tough since you have to first hit it with a concussive blast to provoke it to ram you. Basically, just think of it as a bigger blogg with more health and more damaging power. In addition to ramming you, it can also shoot jets of water that immobilize you for a second. They're easy to dodge though so don't worry too much about them. What you want to do is if your good with the timing use super missles right when the missle glows side step and you should hit the blogg while avoiding the ram. If thats not working out for you switched to a charged dark beam which is a bit more user friendly. One the blogg is no more make you way back up to the door.

[edit] Armorbis

This boss can be a bit tough for new-comers, but for a Metroid Prime veteran, this shouldn't be too difficult. Amorbis has three stages. (1) It jumps out of the ground and burrows back in. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT look around aimless to see where Amorbis is. Instead, just look at your radar for orange dots. Even if you see Amorbis appear, if the orange dot is not showing up, chances are it's too far for you to hit anyways. When it emerges, shoot it with whatever you've got (missiles, power beam shots and light beam shots). (2) It will attach itself to the dark sphere in the center. Now, you must destroy the helmet shielding on its head. Beware of its ability to nullify your light crystal. After you destroy the helmet, it will start to (3) Suck in air. When it does, go into morphball mode and get sucked in. Once you're in, lay a bomb and Amorbis will be damaged from the inside out. The same fight continues, but you must then take out two/three worms instead of just one. Repeat with the same strategy. Note: When Amorbis has two or three worms attached to the dark sphere, it can execute a beam attack that will hurt badly go into morph ball mode and you can dodge it eaiser, so make sure you dodge it and keep inside the safe zone. When battling multiple worms try to work with one at a time both when they are burrowing and when they are attached to the dark sphere. When they are destroyed you get the dark suit for your hard work. This helps greatly reduce the effect of dark Aethers atmosphere.

[edit] Boost Guardian

For this fight, I recommend at least 5 Energy Tanks and can be considered the hardest sub boss in the game. What makes this fight particularly difficult is that there are no safe zones and your health constantly goes down. Not only that, but the boost guardian has some horribly annoying attacks. First, it can swing its arms at you, spawn inglets (which you should kill for the energy as your going to need it), shoots the usual beam (try and get around to its back side as it will be vulnerable until it finishes) and and use a fusion attack on you which will drain your energy greatly. Stay towards charged light beam shots, you can use super missles if you want but the light beam charges up faster as it does not have that delay in firing and if your fast enough and have some luck you can get 2 charged shots in before it becomes invulerable. So I hope you have enough missiles and beam ammo. After you dammage it, it will go into boostball form and boost around the room, occasionally destroying a mini pillar which has an ultra energy in it (and even its own inglets) and dropping refills as well. Try your best to avoid this thing as well as the inglets if they spawn. What worked for me was pressing L and looking at the ground to see where its comming from as well as keeping a charged power beam shot to absorb anything that is dropped. After it boosts around 3 times or more, OR if it runs into a column, it will form into a puddle of dark goo. Do not, under any circumstances, let it touch you. It will cause too much damage but is quite hard to avoid as it moves pretty fast for a puddle and you of course don't have the boost ball ability yet. While it's in this form, it will chase you, so roll away from it in morphball form and drop bombs to stun it, after about 6 bombs It'll eventually go back to solid form. Although the more its health goes down the shorter it will remain in puddle form and start boosting around again Repeat this process until the boost guardian is dead. For your efforts, you will get the boost ball. Use the half pipe to get out of the room and back up to the door

[edit] Chyka Adult

And you thought boss fights couldn't get harder than the boost guardian? Think again. The Chykka Adult is a nightmare the first time you play it but as you get the feel for the battle its actually quite easy. Let me explain it to you so you'll see exactly what you're up against. First off, the field is divided in three platforms, each separate by nothing but a grappling point and poisonous water, and the Chykka adult has a projectile attack that easily blasts you off the platform and into deadly water. Second, the Chykka Adult must first be stunned by shooting it in front use either the power beam or dark beam (remember its a light enemy so the dark beam is quite effective and use it all you want), then you MUST grapple onto a platform behind the Chykka Adult and shoot it's wings (preferably with super missiles. Some people like to use seeker missiles to hit all four points, but I prefer to just hit each point one by one with a super missile). This can prove to be very difficult for some people who haven't mastered the grappling beam. Be careful the front and the back look identical so if you keep locking on to the body your facing the front. To avoid this confusion when it gets stunned watch which way it turns and grapple in the opposite direction and charge your beam while your grappling as you won't have too much time. The Chykka Adult will not stay stunned for long, so be quick about it. After destroying all four weak points on the back of its wings, the creature will fall into the water and mutate into... the Dark Chykka Adult. The only thing you can do to this creature is shoot its abdomen (the big thing at the bottom of it), so take out the light beam and blast away. Charged light beam shots work the best. It may sometimes launch a bunch of small creatures called chylings. What works best here is when it shoots them out use the dark burst it will destroy them all and you get light beam ammo and other pick ups in the process. Personally though i just ignore all of its attacks and just blast away at it. After damaging the Dark Chykka Adult, it'll revert back to the normal Chykka Adult again, and you have to repeat the same process again: Stun the creature, grapple behind it, blast the back of its wings with missiles. It may sometimes try to run into you, but usually fails. Then when it turns into the Dark Chykka Adult, use the same strategy and hit its pouch with charged light beam shots. This battle could take a while for me usually jsut 2 rounds but it differs depending on yoru skill level, so be prepared. For the long and tedious battle you get the dark visor which will let you see those pesky dark pirate commandos (although personally i just like hiding until they go away or leave the room if the door aren't locked as you save alot of ammo and missles, but if you feel like you must then by all means go ahead) Use it to see the hidden platforms and escape the room.

[edit] Chyka Larvae

This first part is actually pretty simple. Just stay in the center and fire, basically. The larvae just swims around in a circle, then diving down. Get ready, because it'll jump out of the water, allowing you to cause some damage to it. However, when it crashes into the water, make sure you double jump over the shockwave or it'll knock you into the poisonous water. Occasionally, it'll send some dark shredders against you (easy, just shoot them with charged shots or missiles. They're mainly there for refills). Eventually, the larvae will emerge from the water exposing its front. Use light beam charged shots as many times as you can but id just use your charge beam as your gonna want to save your light beam ammo for its third form believe me your going to want it so don't waste it all on the larvae, and by the way don't try any super missles either they are pretty much ineffective in this battle, it'll take longer yes but thats just what i think. If you're even consciously aware of your health, you should leave this battle with almost all your health intact. Plus, you're constantly healing due to the light crystal field. Eventually, it'll 'die'. So far, everything seems easy, right? But don't celebrate yet, the fight's not over.

[edit] Dark Samus(1st Encounter)

For such a small boss, she can sure cause some massive damage. For the most part, you'll want to use powerbeam shots, trying to hit her with a charged shot if possible, though she moves very fast, so it's hard and you don't have quite a big arsonal yet so just stick with basic attacks. Most of the pillars in this room are destructible (and she usually does the destructing).Dont use missiles on her, If they hit, it's good, but they usually repel because she'll use a phazon shield which she uses quite frequently. Not only that, but if you touch this shield, you'll take damage try to keep a good distance from her because if she gets close thats when you take the most dammage. For the most part, she'll just float around the room very fast, occasionally shooting you with a spray of phazon energy. It does little damage, so don't worry. After taking sufficient damage, she'll switch to phase two. This time, she's only vulnerable to damage at certain times (when the blue shield around her is gone, which usualy goes up the moments after her shine spark ability finishes). There are two attacks you must watch out for: (1) Her phazon missile attack. She jumps up into the air and charges a shot with her beam (Which is similar to the super missile you will aquire later in the game). Right at the last moment, double dash jump to avoid. (2) Her shinespark ability. This move is deadly, so avoid at all costs. You know she's about to do it when she jumps up in the air, does a backflip, charge up her body, and ram right into you. This attack is easy to avoid just stand behind the big pillar in the center of the room that is the only one she cannot destroy. Just keep attacking her after she dies, go up the elevator in the room and get the Dark Beam to get back to the Command Center.

[edit] Dark Samus(2nd Encounter)

You guessed it another Dark Samus battle. But in all honesty it's really not that much difficult than the first time you fought her. You have more weapons this time around but so does she so here are some thing to watch out for. (1) Invisibility. She will disappear from normal sight. So turn on your dark visor and fire away. Simple. (2) She can boostball around the room just like the boost guardian. This one is a bit more annoying and moves and can come very randomly. It's not too big a deal, just lock onto her and and stay away like you did with the boost guardian. (3) Phazon missile. It's the same as before, but this time, the phazon can freeze you in place she usually uses it when she is invisible, so make sure you keep a close eye on her when you have the dark visor on and try not to get hit. If she hits you with this, you'll be frozen in phazon, so tap b and wiggle the joystick to get yourself out (4) her phazon charge beam in addition to that scatter shot variation of the power beam she can now charge it and fire a stream of phazon in front of her (you got a display of this when you entered the room through the reactor and saw her take out that group of space pirates)wait until shes about to fire it (you'll know when she about to use it because you'll see her bend her arm and stay in one place for a short while) and double jump to avoid. Also don't try using the sun burst (you'll be wasting your light beam ammo) or the power bombs because she is too fast for those, seeker missles don't work too good either she usually just deflects those with her phazon shield. Stick to more basic attacks charge beam, super missles work good just fire after she does an attack that way she is less likely to put up her shield. When she is defeated go through the broken window into the dark world take your new echo visor and head back to the world of light. When you get back though you'll notice that the rooms are locked turn on your new echo visor and see why.

[edit] Dark Samus(Final)

Dark Samus-Final Encounter: This battle can be quite tough if you don't know what to do. Not only is there a timer, but now it's one boss fight after another you'll have to use what ever ammo you have left from the Emperor Ing battle but luckly you have a full gauge of health. Anyways, don't worry so much because Dark Samus is not as hard as she may look. Quoting the log book Dark Samus has absorbed tremendously damgerous amounts of phazon (hence her almost transparent body) she can vent energy in the form of destructive blasts and protective shields to maintain stability. She has changed from your last fights, and this time, she has some attacks that require some knowledge before you can engage her: (1) Phazon Aurora: She jumps into the air and fires a massive beam of pure phazon does some major dammage (the equivilant of standing on phazon basically), sweeping the entire ground. Wait until she charges up the shot then dodge at the last second, at this stage she can't be damaged so just avoid she shots and save your ammo. (2) Invisibility: Except this time due to the massive amount of phazon she has absorbed the dark visor no longer works so switch on the echo visor and shoot her when she is zooming towards you, i found that the annilhator beam works good if you have any ammo left from the emperor ing battle, if not then use super missles. When you have dealed her some dammage to her she will assume a different form and will only only take damage at certain times one of them being when she is in her Phazon shield this shield is inpervious to all attacks except for phazon itself. She will ball up into a shield and do one of two things: (3) Phazon missile: This attack is almost impossible to dodge because if you do a double dash jump because the projectile homes in on you. However, if you dash jump once to the left/right, and then dash jump TOWARDS dark samus, you will almost always dodge it (it worked for me) if not then just dodge jump continually around some times it will work other times you'll have to take it. (3a) Phazon bullet: She will pull her body inward, the sphere will momentarily contract and she releases phazon particles into the air. At this moment, you must charge up your beam and collect the phazon. A help full tip about this: the charge beam does not work like a vaccumm which is what i first thought it won't suck in the phazon, it must fly into the charge beam (its eaiser than it sounds) when she fires it off get under a couple of them and they should fly right in you'll know if they did because they will glow blue. The more phazon you collect the more dammage she will get dealt. CAUTION: If you collect some and get hit with others or a missle you will lose the charge so FIRE RIGHT AWAY! There are three main things you have against you: the timer and the phazon, and your own energy. Don't worry too much about the timer, you should have plenty of time i usually finish with two minutes left. Just don't freak out and cause yourself more grief than you have to timers always have that effect on people. And don't worry if you die, you get to start from the countdown. Good luck and enjoy the ending.

[edit] Grapple Guardian

Important Note: Scan this creature before fighting it. If you do not scan it, you will not acquire an alternate target on this thing. This fight can be tough for the same reasons grenchlers are tough: you can only damage them from behind. However, you can first stun the grapple guardian by shooting its eyes. Charged light beam shots and super missiles are the way to go here. There are two wayt to beat this thing a fast way and a slower way but both are equally effective. The quicker way is to dammage its eye and it will be temporarly stunned at that point dash around to its back side (you have to be quick about it) and fire a super missle and get back as it will use a thrash attack. Then go hide behind the pillar and it will fire its grapple beam at you but will sometimes get stuck at which point you have another opportunity to dammage its back. If you aren't that good at dashing then just forget the first strategy and stick to the other one. Once its health is about out its shell will fall off and it will have a few moments of invulnerability and begin to glow pink. You can't use the pillar trick here you'll have to rely on dasing but in this stage i recommend the light beam as it will make this part of the battle short. If your good at grenchlers this should be no problem for you. Once you strap the grapple beam on use it to exit the room.

[edit] Emperor Ing

First stage: It will become a giant pillar like thing with a sphere on top and have many tenticles. It will try to knock you into the phazon pools so avoid them and it can also warp them through portals so watch out or that. Fire a couple shots of the annihilator beam (they will home in on the tenticles so only a couple of shots to each). Second stage: The eye the tenticles will retract and a big glowing red thing (the eye) will appear. it will rotate shoot the annihilator beam throught one of the two slits in the proctective shell. If you can mannage to hit it with a charged annihilator beam or the sonic boom it will devistate it although super missles are tops here and are quite accurate and do a good amount of dammage. Watch out for the red beam it shoots out, if it hits you you will be immobilized for a couple of seconds. Third stage: Cacoon, it will form a hard shell which you need to spider ball to and drop bombs in the holes around it. watch out for the inglets it kill them for energy and pickups. *Note* work your way from the bottom up because gas will fill the room as it goes on. Fourth stage: Emperor Ing, it will become a giant ing and has many attacks. It can shoot multiple beams at you, ram you and spawn enemies. Watch the color of its mouth and shoot the opposite color. Use super missles for orange, the light beam for purple and the dark beam for white. The annihilator beam works for all but it will burn through you ammo pretty quickly. Once its defeated exit the room and to the final boss dark samus!

[edit] Spider Guardian

This is easily the most interesting fight of the game as it is the hardest, as you must defeat the spider guardian completely in morphball mode! This boss can be very hard and frustrating to beginners or if you don't understand how this boss works. This was the only boss I died against the first time I played, but the second time, it was only able to hit me once. Okay, so let me tell you how to beat this thing. Also parts of it are timed so as if it isn't hard enough am i right? First off you cannot directly damage the spider guardian. You must fight in a way that the spider guardian will electrocute itself by running into the blue electrical pylons. Keep in mind, the spider guardian is ignorant, it just follows the tracks, over and over so i'll never actively hunt you down, making its pattern predictable (as if that makes the fight any easier though). The spider guardian has 4 stages. In each stage, the objective is to first hit the guardian with a bomb until it glows a green aura (it starts off as blue, then when you hit it once/twice more, it'll turn red, then once more and it'll turn green). Then, you must access the morphball slot and detonate a bomb before the guardian turns back to blue. and avoid its electrical field as it races around when you activate the slot. For your efforts, you get the Spider Ball.

[edit] Quadraxis

This is another multi stage fight. When it starts what your going to want to do is to go for the glowing knees and shoot 2 super missles at each one (only one lights up at a time and what i recommend is to shoot each once with a super missle then you only have to shoot them once more because each one that gets blown off Quadraxis will start to move faster.) Quadraxis will shoot of a multitude of missle attacks, use a shock wave that must be double jumped, a spin attack either shoot at the bottom of it or try to boost around it, and a laser targeting system three rings will appear around you and it does ALOT of damage so boost around to break the lock. Once you take out the knees the head will separate from the legs switch on the echo visor and blast the antenna on the legs to stun the head then go to the head and fire at the 3 antenna on it. Each one you take out it will spawn dark quads which are a pain when trying to deal with both so try to use the sun burst and take all three out at once. When all the antenna are destroyed the shield on the head should be destroyed. It will crash into the legs and expose spider ball tracks. In the last stage fire at the head to stun it with a super missle or charged light beam, (they both should stun it in one hit so its really up to you what you want to use) then wait for a moment to see which way it drifts. then go to the next leg it will pass, spider ball up it and wait for it to pass the leg once its in range boost to the head and spider ball around the head until you find two holes, drop a bomb in each of the holes. When you drop the last bomb and its destroyed you'll get to see the best blowing up cut sceen ever!! For all the trouble you get the Annihilator beam make you way back up to the door and get the energy from ing hive and return it to its temple on Aether. Then head off to see Umos for a special gift.....The light suit! You can also if you so desire go grab the sonic boom in phazon grounds in Dark Agon Wastes.

[edit] Power Bomb Guardian

Just like the spider gaurdian the power bomb gaurdian cannot be damaged by normal means (due to its hard shell and its absorbtion of the power bombs) this boss is fairly easy all you need to do is to spider ball up the tracks destroying the inglets and avoiding the power bombs it shoots out. You'll have to spider ball up and activate four bomb slots each will damage it. I recommed that you do the ones that have the broken up tracks first because each one you activate damages the boss and the more damage it gets it'll start shooting out more power bombs so that way you don't have to jump or drop to another track you can take a straight shot to the bomb slot. When its defeated you are awarded the power bombs that will wipe the floor with any and all enemies that are by it when it goes off which will save you lots of ammo if you are fighting a tough enemy. It can also destroy the metal Denzium as well as galatic federation security gates.

[edit] Jump Guardian

The jump gaurdian is the first of your guardian battles in the dark world and not all of them are going to be like this. The jump guardian for the most part can be fought just like the warrior ing. Your gonna want to jump behind the light crystal when it uses the beam attack and when it uses the shock wave double jump. You can't hurt it for a few seconds before it jumps or when it lands or while its in the air as it is protected by a shield wait for its shimmer to go away then blast it with the charge beam. As you damage it more it will become faster and jump more so stay on your toes and keep firing away with the power beam and missles. Once its dead get your prize the space jump boots and head up to the door to the temple entrance to also get your very first dark temple key.

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