Kraid as seen in Super Metroid
Species Unknown, possibly related to Bryonnians
Gender Male
First Appearance Metroid
Most Recent Appearance Metroid: Zero Mission

Kraid is a large, reptilian creature that, like Ridley, is a commander of the Space Pirates. Samus Aran has faced him twice so far in the series, each time beating him.


[edit] Appearance

Kraid is green and scaled, indicating his reptilian nature, the scales impenetrable by Samus' weapons. He has three eyes and a huge maw atop an obese-like body, three 'belly button-like' areas upon his stomach which are capable of firing spikes.

[edit] Origins

It is never detailed in-game as to what species Kraid is, nor how he came to be a Space Pirate. However, in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption there exists a species known as Bryyonians that used to reside upon Bryyo, which he may be related to in some way. They are reptilian in nature, and have three eyes, and their statues are similar to Kraid in size, as are the species' devolved forms, Reptilicus. A Bryyonian War Golem known as Mogenar is similar still to Kraid, and even shares a very similar battle theme with him. It is possible then, like the similar possibility with Draygon, that Kraid is a Bryyonian experimented on by Space Pirates to become a commander. The Bryyonians had made contact with the Chozo race at one point, and as a consequence Mother Brain would have known of their existence. The fate of The Last Lord of Science (one of the last non-Primal Bryyonians) is also unknown, and it is possible that before his death at the hands of the Primals, was saved by the Space Pirates to become a commander after heavy experimentation.

[edit] Appearances

Kraid has appeared three times so far in the series, one of which is a remake, though was supposed to be in Metroid Prime. He ended up not appearing due to time constraints to finish the game on time, however.

[edit] Metroid

[edit] Metroid: Zero Mission

[edit] Metroid Prime

[edit] Super Metroid

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