KandenThe bounty hunter Kanden from Metroid Prime: Hunters
A lab experiment gone awry, Kanden was created to be the ultimate soldier, immortal and unkillable. How ever, stress from the neural combat encoding sequences was more than Kanden’s still-mortal brain could handle, and left him ferocious, deadly and dangerously unpredictable. Kanden broke out of the lab, and those responsible for his neurological alterations and surgical enhancements were not left alive. Still, there is one way that brutally efficient killer in the galaxy can not only survive, but thrive: as an intergalactic Bounty Hunter. Unbound by morals or a conscience, programmed with an instinctual drive to hunt-and kill- Kanden is one of the very best. When he gets a message of an ultimate weapon in the Alimbic System, Kanden knows that this is his chance to prove himself the finest Bounty Hunter of them all.


[edit] Biped Usage

Kanden is often looked at as one of the worst hunters by WiFi players when he actually has the potential to be the best. Kanden has an excellent biped form. His affinity weapon is called the Volt Driver. This weapon converts a planet's natural magnetic field into kilowatt blasts. When charged, it fires a large ball of electricity that homes towards enemies. This is difficult to dodge and has a large blast radius. If it hits it will also distort vision. Regular shots are like the Power Beam but stronger making this gun very powerful if a player has the right kind of accuracy. Getting the charged shot to home is a bit difficult. Imagine that your crosshair is about 3 times bigger if not a bit more. In order for the shot to home, your target needs to be in this circle. This being the case, you can also aim the shot ahead of where your target is moving. When using the homing shot it is best to aim the shot ahead of where the person is moving and above. This will make the shot intercept rather than home and will help it hit if the enemy jumps. You can follow this up with regular Volt Driver shots which are rapid, damaging, and will startle the opponent with the charged shot chasing them. Kanden's main weakness is that he cannot easily counter speed at close range (mid and long to a degree as well). If you face the Morph Ball or Trisk, get distance and height and use the Volt Driver to hit repeatedly.

[edit] Stinglarva Usage

The StingLarva and is a fairly slow moving worm. It can drop Bombs from its tail that will home towards enemies if the bomb is close enough to an enemy (or an enemy approaches one). A StingLarva bomb sits for a while before detonating and can also propel Kanden into the air like Samus' Morph Bombs would do to her. The abuse of the homing bomb is the most common Kanden strategy. The bombs can be used to cover your tracks but are best used to supplement your biped. After a charged Volt Driver you can use the Stinglarva if they try to get close. Like his biped, the Stinglarva isn't that fast so stick with biped when versing the Morphball. You can circle around the Triskelion so that won't be a problem but beware the LockJaw.

[edit] Affinity Weapon

Kanden uses the Volt Driver, a high-speed, quick damaging weapon. This weapon has a firing rate greater than that even of the Power Beam. Kandens Affinity Volt Driver, when charged, homes in on the enemy and distorts the enemies view.

[edit] Kanden Strategies

The volt driver is known to be best equipped with the character Kanden; Kanden is a slow but powerful hunter. Using his powerful weapon strength he can deal more then enough damage to finish his opponents quickly. What he lacks in speed he makes up for in weapon speed and weapon damage. When charged the volt driver can do a great deal of damage as well as adding distortion to the victims visor. This gun can be used is a wide range of ways, and if used correctly can dominate a match. Lets move on to some tips and tricks. The false retreat: this tactic is not for killing purposes but more for safety and buying some time, this tactic involves great accuracy and planned shooting, try to aim for his head zone, this will cause a great damage rate if hit over and over, make sure to fire fast, you don't always need to be shooting at him though, try shooting around him to force him backwards, try to influence confusion and fear into him, I call it multi shooting, this can buy you some space to make some of your own tactics and decisions, if he doesn't take the hint and comes closer simply go to alt and unleash hell using the Stinglarva, the homing stingers that come from the rear of the Stinglarva home on on close opponents and deal a fair amount of damage, eventually the enemy will have no choice to either run, or simply die. Once he has ran, (this is where you make your decision) you can choose to pursue him or leave to plan your next attack. From my experience, I would go for health and plan an attack anywhere below 40 hp. However, anything more and I would pursue after the enemy. CQB Now, when using the volt driver on tight levels you must remember that a charged shot can harm you if your too close, so be aware. I suggest being at a medium range when using the it, this makes it harder to dodge and easier to hit, if you are hit by your own charged shot, expect to have a distorted visor as well as less health, sometimes it's better to use short bursts between a few missile shots, almost like boxing you his light with the volt driver, then hit harder with a missile to the face. The volt driver is almost useless at long range, however not all is lost, when firing at range you should fire at where your enemy is going to be rather then where he currently is, this means your enemy will run into your shots doing half the work for you, this takes skill in accuracy and judgment of distance-to-range. The further the enemy is, the further in front you have to shoot. I don't advise using a charged shot unless your enemy has engaged combat with another hunter, in which case you can surprise him with a nasty yellow ball. However, the charged shot is still very slow which makes things difficult and hard for a direct hit.

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