A weapon that fires beams of ultra-cool plasma capable of bouncing off walls, and automatically redirecting itself at an opponent. The charged version fires three of these shots at once. When charged as Noxus, however, the shots are replaced by a shield of ice that freezes anyone in the immediate area of the blast. There are other strategies such as Shadow Freeze, and the Death Freeze. These are both glitches however, and are not accepted in normal battle scenarios.

The Shadow Freeze:

The shadow freeze, also known as the SF is classified as a glitch, that is compatible with Noxus's charged judicator. It has an infinite range, and can be used to your advantage when you master it. However The SF and many other glitches have been fixed in the later versions of Metroid Prime: Hunters.

[edit] Judicator Statistics

  • Affinity User: Noxus
  • Affinity Bonus: The charged shot doesn't fire three beams but fires a short range burst of mist that can freeze an enemy in ice for a few seconds.

Judicator Damage Stats:

  • Judicator: 24
  • Judicator-Headshot: 32
  • Judicator-Charged: 72
  • Judicator-Charged-Noxus: 12
  • Judicator-Charged-Non-Affinity Headshot: 96

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