"We watched as the Elysia fell victim to the meteor's corruption, its Phazon beginning to consume her. High above the noxious surface, we continued to collect data on the object. It was not long before we met a new enemy. Space Pirates, hostile alien life-forms and sworn enemies of the Federation, entered the station and attacked.

The pirate forces struck swiftly, their numbers and weapons dwarfing our own. After their initial assault, they began construction of a massive energy shield around the meteor. They referred to the fallen object as a "Seed" and quickly built the protective barrier. Any resistance they met from us was crushed, and the massive shield was built without interruption.

Our attention then turned to the pirates themselves. If we could not stop them through combat, perhaps there was another way. Our studies quickly yielded unexpected results. All of the Space Pirates were corrupted with Phazon, but unlike other life-forms, they were actually being sustained by it. This Phazon kept them alive, and it appeared to control their minds with a will of its own."

This entry can be found in Hoverplat Docking Site at SkyTown on Elysia.

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