The sniper rifle of the game, the Imperialist fires a beam of red energy. When zoomed, the Imperialist does twice the damage and is now capable of a one hit kill with a headshot. The Imperialist zooms in further if the crosshair is over an enemy, whether they are behind a wall or not, making it like a second radar.

[edit] Imperialist Stats

Imperialist Stats: Imperalist Unzoomed: 36 Imperalist-Headshot Unzoomed: 100 Imperalist-Zoomed: 72 Imperalist-Headshot-Zoomed: 200/1 hit kill Affinity user: Trace

[edit] Lag Points

Finding Lag Points: When facing someone that lags, you may have trouble landing a headshot. It may look to be one on your screen, but on the opponents it may have completely missed altogether, or nailed then elsewhere. In order to find the Lag Point you'll need you experiment by shooting a little to the left, right, and above of your opponents head. Once you have found it, you should remember the general area of the lag point, or else you'll have to find out again.

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