Ice Hive

Best Hunters: Sylux, Trace, Samus

Items:-Imperialist, Judicator, Volt Driver, Missles, Double Damage, Deathalt

Size:- Medium

[edit] Map Details

A very popular map among all hunters that can end up being the most unbalanced to the inexperienced. Ice Hive can be looked at as three areas. The first is the center, player spawn in holes in the wall and can get affinities and health in this area. Two jump pads are located here leading to the other areas. The Jump leading into the cave of ice is the first area. This area is known for the DeathAlt power-up. Proceeding through the room with the Judicator brings us to the Crashed Pillar Room. In here is the DeathAlt. It is hidden in an out-croping in the wall. There are also two holo-doors here. The first leads back to spawn and the second leads over an icy catwalk to the Imperialist. Players will typically race to this place for the DeathAlt. The other area can take you to the crashed pillar room faster. By going this route you go left through tunnels, get the Volt Driver instead, and reach the DeathAlt faster. Higher level players will go this route and can destroy each other in the tunnels which are very narrow. Going left instead of right from this jump pad takes you to a small cave looking over the spawn. To the left is a concealed tunnel to a room with Double Damage. This room also has a bottomless pit so you must move carefully. The room will end up taking you back to the Judicator Room. A trick to get to this room fast is to use the ice cave jump, move left and use your mid-air jump to reach the cave and proceed down the tunnel to the Double Damage. Something to keep in mind is that if someone does get killed by the DeathAlt, that user will go to spawn to catch them again and again.

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