In Metroid Prime 3, Samus is corrupted by Phazon and in order to survive, is given the PED Suit, short for Phazon Enhancement Device, which is also seen on Federation Troopers. Hypermode is an ability gained by Samus as a result of the corruption. During Hypermode, Samus can do damage with her shots that's several times more powerful than normal. Furthermore, it makes her temporarily invincible, unable to take on damage during the short phase. The cost of activating Hypermode is one full Energy Tank and lasts for roughly twenty five seconds. Players need to employ a great degree of caution when using this new feature. If you don't leave it quick enough, or don't vent all the power you injected into the tank, you'll enter Corrupt Hypermode. To activate Hypermode, the player only needs to press the (+) button for about one second, and do the same to exit it.

Interestingly, enemies can also obtain the benefits of Phazon. The chances of this happening are 20% in Normal, and 80% in Veteran and Hypermode. These enemies are a lot tougher than their usual ilk, so it will requite a lot more effort on your part, of perhaps force you into using Phazon yourself. <P> You'll also encounter certain obstacles in the game that cannot be passed and are only destroyable by use of Phazon shots, requiring you to go into Hypermode to progress through that area.

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