Hunter Glitches

HalfTurret Push/Slice:
To do this you need two people, and a corner. The person who will get in the glitch, and the person who will get them in the glitch. The person can be anyone and you have to be Weavel. Get them to run into a corner, and you jump on the, and go in HalfTurret. They will fall through the floor. Now for the HalfTurret Slice, get someone to walk in the corner. You go in HalfTurret, and walk up to the. Try to get underneath them as good as you can, and HalfTurret Slice. They will fly high through the wall.

Silent Vhoscythe:
Of course, be Noxus. Go in Alt. Form. Now, let the scythe come out just a little bit, then go in BiPed. Go back in Alt. Form, WHILE holding down the L button. This makes your Vhoscythe Silent to everyone.

Multiple Pick-Up:
Stand on a respawn spot for ANY pick-up with someone else. Now each of you share a half of the respawn spot, and when the pick-up you want respawns, you will both get it.

Infinite Ammo:
Spawn anywhere in the level, and go in Alt. Form. If you shot anything, even the Power Beam, it wont work. Now go get a NON, CHARGE, WEAPON. It you get a weapon that has a charge feature, it wont work. Get something like the Imperialist, Omega Cannon, or Shock Coil. Now if you have one of the three weapons, hold L, and come out of Alt. Form. The shots appear invisible to you, but can be seen on the opponents screen. This works best with three and up battles.

Missile Push:
To Missile Push, you need and Alt. tunnel, a small space, or a corner you can glitch in to. You basically, charge a Missile, point it half way down, so its in front of you, but you still get hit by it. Well anyway, you fly through the wall or Alt. tunnel, or a small space it done correctly.

Fusion Glitch:
Okay, go to someones game, and pick someone that you want to appear as, on THEIR screen. Now get them to abandon. Have them re-host, and go back in the same order. Now DO NOT, I reapeat, DO NOT pick your hunter just yet. Have them start the game, and 10 seconds after they pushed the start button, pick a hunter that you didnt pick before. Heres and example: You go in some ones game, you pick Kanden, they abandon and re-host, you go back in and dont pick anyone, have him or her start the game, and 10 seconds after that, you pick Sylux. You now look like Kanden, but Really are Sylux! BEWARE, for if you fuse ANY hunter with Weavel, you will mess up anyones game in that match. Meaning by giving them the Screen of Death!!!

Name Glitch:
Put %a, %s, or %n as your name, and letters, symbols, and numbers will shoot across your screen. May cause your game to have a lot of freezes, severe lag on WI-FI, and corrupting your game.

Name Glitch Counterpart:
%a: Makes a small line of letters, numbers, and symbols come up. Put more %a's after the first one to make letters numbers, and symbols shoot across the screen. Five %a's will do, but if you put a full message of these will act as a %n.
%s: Makes an L shape come up on a message screen.
%s%n: Makes a bigger semi colon to appear.
%n: Makes the perosn that see's the message game crash. The screen goes black.
%g: The same as %a
%u: The same as %a
%e: The same as %a
%g%u%e%s%s: Makes the person who see's this message game crash, but the screen stays normal, and the music stays going. There are many more combinations, and one of them makes a big equal sign. I forgot witch one, but expierment if you want. Also, if you want to counter the %n, too much %a's, and the %g%u%e%s%s glitches, just go in the abandon game screen, and messages cant get to your DS.

Team Glitch:
Okay, you need to have a bit of lag for this. Get two people on green, and two people on red. One of red or green (Depending on what team your on.) people swith to the other color, right before the host starts the game. And I mean, EXACTLY, before the host starts. If done correctly, you will be on a team of three! Heres an example if I didnt explain it good enough: Host makes a game, three people come in, you and the second person go to green, and the last two people go to red. Get the third person to swith to green, exactly right before the host starts.

Invisible UA Ammo:
Go to the map Elder Passage. Now, go to the open area, and go up the ramp that leads to the Imperialist. Now, you should be on the bottom floor. When entering the bottom floor's door, you will see a three-way split. one, you came from. Two, goes left. And three, goes right. In the middle of this three-way split lies the invisible UA Ammo.

UA Ammo Fused With Blue Health Orb:
Not so much of a glitch, more of an error.Anyway, go to Elder Passage, and follow the same path as Invisible UA Ammo. Now this time, go to the second floor. You should have gone up the jump pad on the first floor, to the second. Now up ahead you will see what appears to be a blue health orb, but when you get closer, you see that the blue health ord is fused with a UA Ammo.

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