Hunter's License

In Metroid Prime: Hunters, each players' multiplayer statistics are stored in their Hunter's License. Your license contains on and offline statistics, and is viewable by all players that you have exchanged friend codes with and rivaled on Find Game. The Hunter's License contains the following statistics:

  • Star Rank
  • Wi-Fi Win Record
  • Wireless Win Record
  • Connection History
  • Win Ratio
  • Win Streak
  • Lucky Arena
  • Favorite Weapon
  • Headshot Kills
  • Favorite Mode
  • Biped Kills
  • Alt-Form Kills
  • Kill Streak
  • Wi-Fi Play Time
  • Wireless Play Time
  • Total Game Time

[edit] Hunter's License Explained

This section is dedicated to breaking down all of the statistics above and explaining their meaning, and significance with the game.

  • Star Rank: Star Rank is your online rank that is organized from 1-5. You gain points by winning, and lose points by losing matches. Please keep in mind that you can not gain points through Adventure or playing bots on multiplayer. Please see Star Rank to learn more about point gaining and losing.

  • Wi-Fi Win Record: Your Wi-Fi Win Record is your record online. It contains your wins, as well as your total matches played. So it appears in this format; # of wins of # of games played, i.e. 10 of 60.

  • Wireless Win Record: Your Wireless win recorded is identical to your Wi-Fi Win record, except it contains the data of all of your offline multiplayer matches. This includes bot matches and playing Multi Card Multiplayer with friends.

  • Connection History: Upon purchase of the game, players have a 100% Connection History, which means they have never disconnected in a match that was played with other players. Disconnecting means that either the players network kicked him off of the game due to a networking problem, or the player powered off. If this were to happen in game, their Connection History would go down. It is not known by how much it goes down by ever disconnect, but the more matches the player has logged on his gamecard, the lower it will decrease.

  • Win Ratio: The win ratio is a percentage of how many multiplayer wins you have logged on your gamecard both wireless and on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

  • Win Streak: The win streak is the highest number of wins that a player receives in a row. So, if you were on a streak, and your highest current streak was 19 wins, and you got to 20, your Win Streak would change to 20.

  • Lucky Arena: The lucky arena is simply the last arena that a player won at, either on wireless or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. It is not the arena that you have won the most at.

  • Favorite Weapon: This is the weapon that you have logged the most kills with in multiplayer.

  • Headshot Kills: The amount of kills that you get when you land the kill by getting a headshot on an enemy. Every weapon can shoot headshots except the Omega Cannon, Magmaul, Battlehammer, Missiles, and alt forms.

  • Favorite Mode: This is the game mode that you have played the most. See Multiplayer to learn more about game modes.

  • BiPed Kills: The number of kills you get while in BiPed form, meaning not in alt-form.

  • Alt-Form Kills: The number of kills you get in Alt-Form, meaning not in BiPed-Form.

  • Killstreak: The highest number of kills you have gotten in a row without dieing. This statistic works through each match you play as long as you do not take a death.

  • Wi-Fi Play Time: The amount of time that you have spent in game on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

  • Wireless Play Time: The amount of time that you have spent in game on Multi-Card Play.

  • Total Game Time: The total amount of time that you have spent played Metroid: Prime Hunters. This includes Adventure Mode, Multiplayer, and waiting in the lobby and menu screens.

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