High Ground


A fairly large map, High Ground has three basic areas.

The first is the underground tunnel network. You will find health down here in addition to the Judicator. The compactness of the area makes it a good area for the Judicator. Jump-pads will take you back up to the second floor of the level.

The spawning area is the second area we'll go through. In the center is a statue with a Double Damage under it (Alternate Form accessible). Near it is an Affinity Weapon and UA. This floor is fairly small but features drops to the tunnels and ramps to the second floor.

The second floor is mainly a bunch of catwalks on the outside rim of the stage. In the back corner of one of the ramps is a door leading to a hallway. This will take you to floor three. The top floor is very scarce. It has the Magmaul and Imperialist but it hard to travel across. The jump to the second platform isn't hard. The last jump to the Imperialist platform requires a long jump (falling off and jumping mid-air to get length as opposed to height).

The Imperialist location is usually camped by 1-3 Star Rankstars]]. The reason 4-5 stars do not is because they know you can be headshot from here from the tunnels via a holo-door. Close quarters combat will occur heavily in the tunnel while little will happen on the top except camping. The mid-region is where sniping, some alt form abusing, and other basic combat will occur.

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