Harvester Glitches

Harvester Shadow World:
Be Sylux, and go to the jump pad that leads to the cloak. Go up there, and jump to one of the further ledges from the cloak ledge. Now go in Alt. Form, and glide across to the slanted ledge on the wing on the side of the level. You will fall, so bomb a little to keep your place. Now go to the end of the wing, and turn towards the corner. Go in Alt. Form, and fly to the back side of the wing, and go further. If you landed on the other side of the level, you will be in the Shadow World. This can be done with Spire as well, but just wall climb your way there.

Harvester Wall Glitch:
Be Sylux, and go to the Cloak. Now walk down the Cloak pillar, and you will be above the Imperialist, yellow health, and two UA Ammos. Now jump on one of the pillars on the left or right side, and walk up util you cant go any more. Now go in Alt. Form, and bomb jump up to the top of the middle pillar. You will fall through it, so stay close to the wall, and you will land on one of the two cubes. You are in the Wall Glitch.

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