Golden Statue

The Golden Statue is a relic found in the games Metroid, Super Metroid and the former's remake, Metroid: Zero Mission. The creatures depicted on it in each incarnation are always Space Pirate commanders or, as may be the case with Phantoon and Draygon, possibly just extremely powerful creatures. Each incarnation always features both Kraid and Ridley however.


[edit] Location

In all three games, it is found deep within Crateria. Fulfilling the task of destroying the needed bosses causes the statue to crumble and allows access to Tourian.

[edit] Purpose

Mother Brain made the statue to keep out intruders seeking to enter her lair of Tourian and the stock of Metroids there, and also probably to keep them from getting out and wreaking havoc across Zebes.

[edit] Metroid

In Metroid, Samus is required to defeat both Kraid and Ridley, causing the statue to crumble.

[edit] Super Metroid

In Super Metroid, Samus must defeat Kraid as with Metroid, though must also beat Phantoon and Draygon, before beating Ridley as per previous.

[edit] Metroid: Zero Mission

Like in Metroid, Samus must defeat Kraid and Ridley.

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