Gel Ray

[edit] Overview

The Gel Ray is a Bryyo native. They live within large quantities of Fuel Gel. They are a rare sight, as they only surface now and again by jumping in search for food. They will not attack Samus outright, as they are peaceful creatures, but Samus will take damage if one makes contact with her while jumping.

[edit] Logbook Entry

"Gel Rays are non-aggressive bioforms native to Bryyo. They are one of the few creatures who make their home within the caustic pools of Fuel Gel. The unique exterior and shape of the Gel Ray allow it to withstand and glide through rivers of gel. Their main source of sustenance is small organisms that exist within Fuel Gel, but they are known to occasionally leap out to feed on insects that fly near the gel's surface."

[edit] Appearances

The Gelbug appears in the following games:

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