Gel Puffer

[edit] Overview

The Gel Puffer is part of the Puffer family. They feed on the vapour that Fuel Gel gives off. Due to the fact they feed off gas, the expulsion of said gas gives them the ability to float in the air. The Gel Puffer has a weak shell, which can easily be destroyed. They are a native creature of Bryyo.

[edit] Logbook Entry

"The exposure to Fuel Gel has left the shell of the Gel Puffer highly susceptible to weapon fire. Gel Puffers have come to rely on the toxic vapors given off by Fuel Gel for sustenance. They process these gasses and then expel the excess to stay afloat. The brittle shell of the Puffer, while durable in appearance, is rather thin and easily damaged"

[edit] Appearances

The Gelbug appears in the following games:

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