[edit] Overview

The Geemer is a beetle-like creature with the ability to defend itself via the spikes on it's hard shell, able to extend them to ward off enemies or give them a rather nasty poke. It likes to crawl onto and around walls, making it hard to notice upon encounter. The geemer is a relation of the Zoomer.

Interestingly, in Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime: Hunters, the Geemer is invulnerable to blasts from the Power Beam. In Metroid Prime, you need to use a missile or a blast from the Plasma Beam. And in Metroid Prime: Hunters, the player needs to use a sub-weapon or a missile.

[edit] Logbook Entries

[edit] Metroid Prime

"Wall-crawling mollusk with retractable spikes. The Geemer is an evolutionary offshoot of the Zoomer family. When threatened, it extends lethal spikes and retracts its head deep into its armored carapace."

[edit] Metroid Prime: Hunters

"A small but dangerous creature that exposes sharp spikes on its back when threatened. This scavenger is known to forage through human refuse and is an infamous pest on Zebes."

[edit] Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

"The spiked shell of a Geemer is rather durable and can only be destroyed by an explosive blast. While menacing in appearance, they are non-aggressive scavengers that feed on the waste of other creatures. This food source has led to them being spreaders of many types of diseases."

[edit] Appearances

The Geemer appears in the following games:

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