Game Modes

Metroid Prime: Hunters has seven multiplayer modes included in the game. The only time that all seven may be utilized is when players are using the Multi-Card play, and Friends and Rivals on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. In all other game modes, Battle is used.


[edit] Game Modes Explained

[edit] Battle

-Teams can be enabled. The first, and most common mode, is battle mode. In battle mode, you play based on points. You receive a point by killing an enemy, and you lose a point for self-destructing. Default point setting is at 7 kills, for seven minutes. That's pretty much how most people play. For battle, there are 26 maps, unlike some of the other modes.

[edit] Survival

-Teams can be enabled. The second most common mode is Survival. This ensures a fairer battle than that of Battle mode. Every character starts out with an amount of lives, and as you die, the number goes down. When you loss your last life, you are transfered to a death-cam mode, unable to continue fighting. You win by being the last person standing, or being the last team standing. There are also 26 maps in survival. The default lives are 2.

[edit] Bounty

-Teams can be enabled. Bounty is probably one of the least-played modes. In Bounty, you, and your enemies head for a hidden octolith. Once you find it, you must rush back to the drop point, without dieing or going into alternative mode. In Bounty, there are only 4 maps. But, don't worry, some of the maps, such as Transfer Lock,have new openings into a part of the level only accessible in Adventure Mode.

[edit] Defender

-Teams can be enabled. Defender is a mode much similar to that of Nodes. You can only acquire points by being the only one in the circle. This is acually pretty hard since you stand in the circle but always you are getting shot at by 2 or 3 people. The circle turns blue when you are alone, and it turns red when an enemy is alone in the circle. When you and an enemy are in the circle, it becomes white. 19 maps are available. In Defender, instead of winning by most kills, you win by having the longest time in the circle.

[edit] Prime Hunter

-Teams cannot be enabled. Prime hunter mode doesn't quite get the honor it deserves, for multiple reasons. The aim of this mode is to kill someone first, and then you acquire all of the affinity powers of every hunter, with one exception, the Shock Coil. But when you are Prime Hunter, your health saps away slowly, and the only way to replenish it is to kill more enemies. All 26 maps are available, and winning is measured by time as the Prime Hunter.

[edit] Capture

-Teams can be enabled. Capture is sort of like Bounty, except you have to get the enemies' octolith back to your base. It is somewhat like a deadly game of capture-the-flag. You can only score when both octoliths are at you're base. Only 15 maps are available. The points are measured by you or your team capturing octoliths.

[edit] Nodes

-Teams can be enabled. Probably the least played mode of all, and it's somewhat like defender, except with multiple circles, and you have to secure them, and the more that you have, the more points you acquire. There are 25 maps available. You are measured by points. You can attain points by killing enemies, or capturing nodes. You also get a point bonus from killing enemies from within a circle already attained by you and your team.

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