Frigate Orpheon

The Frigate Orpheon is a Space Pirate ship encountered in Metroid Prime, orbiting Tallon IV. It is the first explorable area in the game, and by extension the Metroid Prime series, as well as containing its first boss, the Parasite Queen.

[edit] Purpose

The purpose of the frigate was to transport to the research facilities on Tallon IV, as well as to conduct research within the ship itself. Not only did it have samples of Phazon and many creatures of Tallon IV, it had the restored and rebuilt Ridley and several mutated creatures, mostly Parasite Queens. Quite a few glass containers held failed experiments on the Queens, which usually died from the Phazon exposure or mutated too drastically for its cells to handle.

[edit] Destruction

The ship was heavily damaged in orbit after a dying Parasite Queen fell into the ship's Reactor Core. As the Pirates began their evacuation, one found its way into the Evacuation Area and had to be put down by the Pirates, or simply eventually died to Phazon exposure. Samus Aran, investigating the wreckage of the ship after intercepting a distress call from it, encountered the Parasite Queen within the core and defeated her, who then fell deeper in the core and caused the reactor to go into meltdown. As Samus tries to reach her ship, she encounters another Queen that had broken from stasis. Nearby Space Pirates manage to subdue it, though are then killed by an ensuing explosion. Samus then encounters Ridley, who quickly escapes the dying frigate, and Samus follows him to Tallon IV just before the ship loses altitude and crashes down to the planet below.

[edit] Crash Site

The Orpheon's Crash Site is an explorable area for Samus. The frigate crashed down into Tallon Overworld, and subsequently became flooded and inhabited by some indigenous life. It contains a transport to the Phazon Mines.

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