Fargul Hatcher

Concept art of a Fargul Hatcher

[edit] Overview

The Fargul Hatcher is an odd creature, as it doesn't attack directly. Rather, it sprays out Fargul Wasps from its large mouth as a defence mechanism. It's weakness is the organ cluster, as the rest of it is covered in a strong armour that negates any damage dealt to it. This creatures resides on the planet Bryyo and has so far only been seen in one room, Hall of the Golems.

[edit] Logbook Entry

"Within the Fargul Hatcher's maw is an organ cluster that is vulnerable to attack, but only when exposed. Fargul Hatchers are capable of giving birth to dozens of young in a matter of moments. These offspring will immediately swarm in on any nearby attacker. Their skin is incredibly resilient and will deflect most weapon fire."

[edit] Appearances

The Fargul Hatcher appears in the following games:

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