An Evir is an aquatic sea creature that lives in the depths of Maridia. Evirs seem to spend most of their time buried in the sand and whenever an intruder comes close to them, jump out and attack.

Due to their high resemblance of the Space Pirate leader Draygon, and the fact that they appear as some kind of servant in his boss chamber, it is possible they are the same species prehaps juveniles while Draygon himself is the dominant adult.

Evirs make their first and only appearance in Super Metroid.

[edit] Super Metroid

Evirs are quite a rare creature in Super Metroid, only encounterd in a few rooms of the game. One noticeable appearance of them is the tunnel that leads to the direction of the Spring ball, waiting to ambush Samus as she progresses on.

They are fairly strong creatures taking quite a few missle or beam shots before dying, their only form of defence is shooting some kind of sticky goo like substance that does minor damage to Samus.

In Draygons chamber, a group of 4 non hostile Evirs appear along side the boss himself, they do not attack you or harm you and their purpose is rather unknown. Is is possible that they could be Draygons offspring which would make Draygon female or servants to Draygon, due to his\her high level of importance to the Space Pirate legions.

When Draygon dies, it's lifeless body will fall to the floor in which the Evirs will then bury the body in the sand, along with themselfs, too.

It's unknown if these Evirs posses any form of intelligence or sapience like Draygon, but their behaviour in their leaders boss chamber would suggest that they probably do.

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