Elder Passage

Recommended Hunters

Spire, Trace, Kanden, Samus, Sylux, Weavel
Map Size


Imperialist, Missles, Judicator, Magmaul, Shock Coil

[edit] Map Details

Elder Passage is a fairly large map. Its most distinct feature is that it is an enlarged version of the map, High Ground. The most noticeable difference is that the central pillar where the Double Damage power-up was located is now just a large hole leading to the underground level of the map. Also, the left jump pad underground is no longer there, so there is just an empty room. Avoid accidentally walking in there, it could cost you your life. Also, there is a jump pad located under the Magmaul pickup.

In a normal 1v1 match, there are four health spawns. The only one identical to the High Ground orb is the one underground. Other than that, the rest are in completely new spots. There are two orbs located in the side corridors, one in each, and the other is located in the corridor behind the magmaul.

There are two Affinity Weapon pickups. (The affinity pickup at High Ground is now just a Shock Coil pickup). They are located in the side corridors near the health orbs.

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