Draygon as seen in Super Metroid
Species Unknown, possibly Evir
Gender Female
First Appearance Super Metroid
Most Recent Appearance Super Metroid

Draygon is an aquatic mutant reptile creature appearing in Super Metroid. It is depicted upon the Golden Statue, indicating it is a commander of the Space Pirates, or at least an important creature to Mother Brain. It is the only one of the four bosses depicted on the statue to appear in just one game. It has several Evir children, indicating it is of the same species, and is perhaps female. Whether or not the other Evir in Maridia are its offspring or even related to it is unknown. Why it differs so much size-wise to the other Evir is also unknown, but it may be either it is the fully grown form of an Evir and the others just haven't reached that age-point yet, or it has been experimented on and enhanced by the Space Pirates.


[edit] Space Pirate Affiliation

Due to the Space Pirate organisation consisting of several races, such as the Kihunter, it could be that Draygon's species the Evir are members of the Space Pirate organisation and not just a species found on Zebes, which explains why Draygon would be a Space Pirate commander.

[edit] Chance of Return

Draygon, as mentioned, is the only Space Pirate commander not to reappear in the series more than once, only having an appearance in Super Metroid. This is most likely down to the fact that whilst Ridley was cloned from his cells which fell onto Samus upon his death, and Phantoon was not an entity of this dimension meaning it couldn't truly be destroyed, Draygon was buried within the sands of Maridia and as a consequence, being located for any form of rescue or cloning and the like by Space Pirates or anyone else would have been hard to accomplish, meaning Draygon's return to the series after Super Metroid is unlikely. However, it is still a possibility for it to appear in a game taking place before Super Metroid.

[edit] Appearances

Draygon's first, and so far only, appearance is in Super Metroid.

[edit] Super Metroid

In the game, Draygon is first depicted on the Golden Statue, indicating Samus has to defeat it to proceed to Tourian. She eventually encounters several Evir in a large submerged chamber in Maridia. They float away, and Draygon descends to protect its offspring from the hunter, assisted by cannons on the wall shooting at Samus.

Eventually she is able to emerge triumphant after firing upon Draygon's only weak spot - its stomach. Draygon's eyes roll around erratically before closing tightly shut, and its children descend with the body to bury into the ground with it. It's defeat causes its part of the statue to crumble.

Draygon can also be very easily defeated if Samus destroys the cannons. If Draygon grabs her and she then fires her Grapple Beam at the sparking wreckage of the cannon and latches on, electricity will flow through the beam into her and therefore electrocute Draygon, killing it in a matter of seconds, and thus heavily decreasing the amount of time it takes to beat it. Samus takes a lot of damage from this act too, however.

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