Diferences between all Metroid Prime Versions


[edit] Differences between each game version

Metroid Prime has several version, each one has some minor, but significant differences between each.

[edit] DOL-GM8E-0-00 USA

The very first game version has the label on the internal part of the disk of DOL-GM8E-0-00 USA. This has the entire glitch repertorie and no invisible walls.

[edit] DOL-GM8E-0-01 USA

This is the Second American version of the game, its mayor difference is that the Arboretum Runic Gate now has an invisible wall placed over the top of it.

Much like the Original game version it sill runs on the faster loader, so it might crash at certain points.

[edit] DOL-GM8J-0-00 JPN

This is the Japanese version of the game, it remains virtually the same as the previous two versions and still uses the faster loader.

[edit] DOL-GM8P-0-00 JPN

This is the PAL/AUS and for certain South American regions. It exports the biggest changes out of all versions, it has a male narrator, it has compatibilty of 50hz for older PAL tv's, not only that but it also retcons part of the Metroid Prime storyline, in the previous three versions the Pirates came into contact with the Metroid Prime and it absorbed some of their weaponary and they managed to eventually subdue it (log found in the Phazon Mines) in the PAL version this was changed.

[edit] DOL-GM8E-0-02 USA/JPN

This is the Players choice version of the game, it is based on the PAL version but with a lot more changes, such as numerous invisible walls to force the players to follow the linear path of the game.

It also runs on the new loader like the PAL version so there are no crashes in the Chozo Ruins, it also came with a Metroid Prime 2 demo of the game.

[edit] Exact changes that came after the DOL-GM8E-0-00 USA

[edit] Arboretrum Runic Gate

The top of the Arboretum Runic Gate has been blocked in all versions after the DOL GM8E-0-00 USA (that means the Japanese, European, Australian, North American 0-01 and North American Player's Choice versions of the game).

[edit] Artifact of the Warrior

The Artifact of the Warrior Glitch was fixed on all versions after the 0-00 USA one,there was a glitch that popped up if you went out of the chamber that contained the Alpha Pirate after you had defeated him but not picked the Artifact of the Warrior, the item would dissapear forever.

In later revisions the issue was fixed and the North American Players choice went as far as to put a block so you could not exit the room without grabbing the artifact.

[edit] Baby Sheegoths

The Baby Sheegoths got a life upgrade after the original NTSC-U version, to be specific their health was doubled.

[edit] Central Dynamo

On every version of the game sans the original you cannot exit Central Dynamo until you pick the Power Bombs.

[edit] Elite Launcher

On every version of the game the Launcher is a separate object that you can destroy with the thermal visor, sans in the European version, it gets destroyed once you kill the Elite Pirate.

[edit] Elite Quarters

Peharps one of the most annoying changes from the original game, in every other version of the game there are Fission Metroids in the room after you kill the Omega Pirate.

[edit] Flaahgra

On every version sans the original the music loops correctly.

[edit] Frost Cave

The Hunter Metroid is missing on the European, Australian and Trilogy versions of the game.

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