Deathalt is a red-glowing item that is normally hidden from view, and is in very few maps. Deathalt, in essence, is Death by alt form. When a player has Deathalt, the player is consumed by an orange glow, somewhat like the Power-up by itself. When a player has Deathalt, they immediatly gain the upper hand. Deathalt allows a player to kill other players by merely running into them.Deathalt usually cause people to run away, but some new players have no idea how to counter it. The best way to counter a person in Deathalt, is to get Double Damage and use charged Magmaul shots at the person with Deathalt.

[edit] Stages With Deathalt

[edit] Deathalt in Online Play

Deathalt isn't usually permitted in Friends and Rival Matches, because of the severe advantage that the power-up creates.In random play, its pretty much a race to the deathalt, and the fastest Alt. Form Wins.

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