[edit] Overview

The Databot is a flying robot similar to the Aerial Repair Drone and are scattered across the planet Elysia throughout an area known as SkyTown. They are the keepers of all Lore for SkyTown. The vessels in which the history of the robots including their relationship with the Chozo, along with their downfall, is recorded. The Databot cannot be destroyed, but weapon fire will cause it to project a screen containing its information, which can then be scanned with the Scan Visor. Once scanning is complete, it will stop projecting and go back to silently hovering through the once grand city.

[edit] Logbook Entry

"Databots were designed by the Elysians as a means to record and pass on historical data. They patrol along their set area until disrupted, and then project a holographic datafile. However, only those equipped with Chozo-based visor technology can access this information."

[edit] Appearances

The Databot appears in the following games:

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