Dark Samus

Dark Samus
Dark Samus

Dark Samus as she appeared in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Species Metroid, possibly with Human, Chozo and Space Pirate DNA
Gender Unknown, possibly female
First Appearance Metroid Prime
Most Recent Appearance Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Dark Samus is a powerful entity, with many similarities to Samus Aran. She was first encountered in this form in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, battling Samus several times and hindering her journey across Aether. She appeared again in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, where she very nearly corrupted and controlled the cosmos, were it not for Samus. She met her end in the same game, though it is plausible that she survived based upon the post-credits sequence.


[edit] Origins

Dark Samus is a Metroid that had mutated and evolved drastically in high levels of Phazon within a Leviathan's core, becoming known as Metroid Prime. Upon its defeat upon Tallon IV, the creature latched onto Samus Aran's Phazon Suit, stealing it. It then proceeded to multiply and morph with the suit to become Dark Samus.

[edit] Affiliation

Dark Samus works only for herself, and in Echoes is interested only in absorbing Phazon to strengthen herself, as well as to defeat Samus to glean vengeance. It is possible that the latter goal is only done to increase the chances though of completing the former. In Corruption however, she takes control and affiliates herself with the Space Pirates, now with a goal to take over the universe using Phazon.

[edit] Abilities

Dark Samus' abilities range from Phazon powered versions of Samus' attacks to the ability to control entities corrupted by Phazon. Her signature weapon, as coined by fans, is the Shrapnel beam, which fires off a load of Phazon bullets at Samus. Her attacks are very erratic and chaotic in Echoes, reflecting her instability mentally. In Corruption she can create copies of herself known as 'Echoes', to assist her in battle. She can also use moves gleaned from the Hunters she absorbed. She creates huge spikes of hard Phazon in the area like Rundas with ice, fire a huge plasma beam like Ghor and finally electricity-based attacks like Gandrayda. She is also a lot more fluid and controlled than in Echoes, performing flips and cartwheels, revealing gymnastic abilities. It is possible this is a direct result of Gandrayda's absorbed powers however. She is also able to merge her bio-essence with Aurora Unit 313, similar to how Ghor can merge with machines, and again this ability may be a direct result of his absorption.

[edit] Appearances

Dark Samus has appeared three times in the series so far:

[edit] Metroid Prime

Dark Samus primarily appeared as Metroid Prime in the events of this game. In the post-credits sequence her hand rises up from a batch of Phazon, foreshadowing her later appearances in Echoes and Corruption.

[edit] Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Dark Samus first appears as Samus enters a portal to Dark Aether, absorbing from a wall of Phazon. She shoots a Light Crystal beside Samus then floats away, and a swarm of Ing descend to attack Samus as she is damaged by the atmosphere of Dark Aether. The Ing most of Samus' equipment, meaning she will be vulnerable when dark Samus faces her in the future. She is next seen locking a door in the Space Pirate stronghold within the Agon Wastes, to hinder Samus' progress. She finds the Dark Beam however to unlock the door and proceeds nonetheless. She is next seen draining Phazon deeper within the stronghold. After fully draining the Phazon, she notices Samus and walks so that they are facing each other. They then proceed to battle. Dark Samus is beaten, and explodes into particles of Phazon. She is next seen in the Torvus Bog, where a corridor is lined with the same particles of Phazon. At the end of it Samus enters a room, where Dark Samus reforms and proceeds to laugh maniacally, before disappearing. She is next seen as Samus wishes to re-enter Sanctuary Fortress, where she blows up the bridge with a torrent of Phazon. Samus is still able to cross it however using her Spider Ball. She is again seen in Sanctuary Fortress through a window absorbing from crates of Phazon. Two Dark Space Pirate Commando's attack her, whereupon she quickly dispatches them, and returns to absorbing Phazon. By the time Samus enters the room, she is gone. In a nearby room Samus yet again encounters her. Dark Samus activates the elevator, sending the platform in which they are stood on upwards, most likely to prevent Samus' escape. They battle for a second time, with Samus again as the eventual winner. Dark Samus, damaged, moves towards the edge of the platform and falls the huge drop to the city of Sanctuary below. She is seen for the last time in the game after Samus defeats the Emperor Ing and obtains the last of the Light of Aether, because of which Dark Aether begins to be destroyed. Her look is changed, her 'suit' see-through, revealing a skull with Metroid-like eyes and the eyes on her hands seen in Metroid Prime, which is because of her being heavily unstable after heavy drainage of Phazon since her fall. The two battle as the dimension crumbles around them, with Samus using Dark Samus' own expelled Phazon to damage her. Samus yet again defeats her, after which Dark Samus limps forward, reaching out for Samus, most likely to steal her suit again like Metroid Prime, though evaporates into Phazon before she can. In the post-credits sequence you see Dark Samus reforming above Aether.

[edit] Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

It is then told in log entries that she was drawn into a Space Pirate ship getting Phazon off the planet. She drains all the canisters aboard, coming back to life proper, with a new look, most likely inspired by Samus' Light Suit. She then takes control of the Space Pirates aboard and intercepts a Galactic federation training ship, the G.F.S. Valhalla, and kidnaps Aurora Unit 313. She then voyages to Phaaze, after which she plugs in the Aurora Unit into the planet's core, giving her a way to control it. She then launches Leviathans across space, impacting one of the Space Pirate Homeworlds, Bryyo and Elysia, before attacking Norion, a planet important to the Galactic Federation, with her newfound Space Pirate troops. She is seen next in the control tower, where she has a small shoot-out with the Bounty Hunters. All four are knocked unconscious and infected with Phazon. The hunters proceed to wake up and head out on their separate missions bar Samus Aran, who is still unconscious. Rundas, Ghor and Gandrayda are each corrupted and become 'one with' Dark Samus, following her will. Samus heads out and first defeats Rundas, who gains his free will back, though is stabbed through the chest by spikes of ice. Dark Samus arrives in a ghost-like, ethereal form and then drains his body. Ghor is defeated next, and drained by Dark Samus' wraith. Samus shoots at the wraith to no avail, with her shots just passing through it. Gandrayda is then defeated, and once again, her body is drained by Dark Samus, with Samus turning her head away as to not look at the scene. Dark Samus finally appears in person upon Phaaze, entering into battle with near-fully corrupted Samus. Dark Samus is repulsed, and bonds with Aurora Unit 313 in a last desperate bid to defeat her, though she is able to defeat even that, and the Aurora Unit shrivels and explodes. Dark Samus falls from the explosion to the ground, screaming in a voice similar to Samus' just before raising her hand, mirroring her action when she was first created. She then evaporates. In the post-credits sequence a Phazon-blue ship rises up into view after Samus' ship flies away. It makes a strange sound before zooming after her. The front of the ship has similarities to the helmet of Dark Samus, and it is therefore possible that she yet again has survived to fight another day.

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