Council Chamber

Best Hunters:-All

Items:-All Weapons,Missiles

Size:- Large

[edit] Map Details

This map is an enlarged version of Alinos Perch. Please note that it holds every weapon (no affinity pickups), one gold health orb, and three blue orbs (four present in a four player match).

Council chamber Guide: Well I'm not one for making sand castles, however this level can become your personal owning ground with a few simply tactics and moves, the characters I suggest for this are Sylux and Trace, his quick motion of speed plus the tripwires makes traps a load of fun, or as the enemy would say, "a load of annoying crap" and the Triskelion is good for hiding and escaping making things fun but irritating for the enemy.

Setting your Trap: Well who can say traps aren't fun, the best way to form your nasty trap is to find a place where the enemy will not see it coming in time for him to dodge the trap, a hallway or behind a kinetic barrier would be the prime place to set the electrical trip wire, for this to work patience is key, once you have placed your trip wire sit behind it and be ready to blast his ass with missiles the moment the wire hits him, a good four or five missiles plus the wire should be enough to send him packing, if your enemy happens to see it coming simply go into alt and trap him in the fatal blow with the triple bomb.

The shock coil: If I had a dollar for every time I screamed because the shock coil wouldn't leave me alone I'd be a very rich man, this is possibly one of the most annoying weapons of metroid simply because it sticks to you (as long as your in range) simply hold the fire button down while following your opponent, this will sap his life force and replenish yours, handy of your running low and cant find health, this weapon is also Sylux's affinity weapon so never fear when you cant find the shock coil weapon, I suggest using this weapon for CQB moments only, it can become difficult to kill at distance and I would recommend the standard power beam and missiles for the hard to reach places, be warned, when facing an enemy Sylux with a shock coil, you will sap his life but he will also sap yours, normally the person with the most health always comes out on top so make sure your suited and booted before taking him on. 

Fear the red mist Trace is also a prime hunter for this level, his Imperialist laser provides excellent advantage for this level, with a wide open space and some enemies running around with shiny helmets the chamber is your oyster, simply find a hiding place like a corner or a ledge no one goes near and wait, if you stand still long enough you will turn invisible, this gives you all the time you need to make the perfect shot, be careful though, not everyone is deceived by his active camo, and be aware of other Trace users for they may try the same tactic and try to top you before you top them, take time when taking a shot and don't rush, their is a three second delay for the recharge on the imperialist which is more then enough time the enemy needs to take you down, so make sure you have the shot first.

Yes you have crabs Trace has an alt form which is quite vicious and has easy travel, the Triskelion is a red crab that just loves to tear and shred flesh, very good at close combat this alt is effective for hit and runs and escapes, use his lunges well and be sure to find cover fast, when facing Samus i can only give one word of advice, run, don't try and fight because you will lose, its rare you will win an alt fight against Samus or Noxus, Kanden is a possibility but this alt was not made for attack purposes, it was made for travel and hiding, again if you stay still for long enough he will go invisible, so use this to get one over on the enemy by waiting for him to turn his back before lunging at him, quickly go to biped and give him a taste of your laser.

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