Controls (MPH)


[edit] Dual Style Control:

D-Pad: Move your player around
MPH is played on the DS

ABXY: Look around

R: Jump

L: Shoot

Touch Screen: Used for Weapon Switching and Alt/Biped Switching

The Dual Style Control is for those who would rather not use the Stylus or Thumb Strap. The only problem is that Dual Style makes it hard to be accurate with the Imperialist and get headshots which is important.

[edit] Stylus Style Control:

D-Pad: Move your player around

ABXY: Look around

R: Zoom in while using Imperialist

L: Shoot

Touch Screen: Look around, Weapon Switching, Alt/Biped Switching, and double tap to jump Switching between Left and Right style simply inverts the function of the buttons.

[edit] Playing Style:

Reason For This Section: Playing Metroid Prime Hunters can be uncomfortable, but some people have come up with wacky ways to hold the DS, all to make the experience much more enjoyable. This section also covers ways to hold the DS for best performance, if that's what you're interested in.

[edit] Stylus Mode Playing Styles:

Best For Snipers: A bit uncomfortable, but much more convenient for the snipers.

Hold the DS up with your left hand (or right hand if you're left handed), and hold the stylus with your right hand. Now place your right hand pinky finger on the R button while playing. This allows you to quickly zoom in with the Imperialist in game, instead of having to double tap the Imperialist icon on your touch screen.

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