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This is the Gameboy Advance. It is the Handheld for Metroid Fusion.

Directional Pad UP:- 1. Forward Screen up 2. Climb Ladders 3. Deactivate Morph Ball Mode

Directional Pad Down:- 1. Forward Screen Down 2. Couch R Button: 1. Weapon Switch to Missles or Bombs L Button: 1. Aim weapon up or down

L+R:- 1. Deactivate Sleep Mode 2. Climb down ladders 3. L+R+Down MorphBall Mode

A Button:- 1. Jump 2. Spin jump while running 3. Release Ladders

B Button:- 1. Fire Beam or Missles 2. Bombs when in Morph Mode 3. Drop Power Bombs

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