Combat Hall

Recommended Hunters

Samus, Trace
Map Size


Affinity Weapon, Magmaul, Missiles

[edit] Map Details

A basic but popular level, the Combat Hall features an open lower level with a blast shield that has an Affinity Weapon pickup, Universal Ammunition ammo, and blue health behind it. On the opposite side of the map, there is a jump pad that leads to an upper open level that only extends to 1/10 of the maps entire length, and is protected by a blast shield. It looks over the entire map. If you look down from this blast shield, you'll see on your left, a tunnel that leads back to the first side of the map. There is a window towards the first side of the map that you can shoot into and out of. There is also health in this tunnel, and in 3 to 4 player games, this becomes gold health (which restores 100 HP). To the right of the blast shield on the upper floor while looking out, there is an Alternate Form track that takes you through a blue health, then a missile pickup, across a bridge that goes over the lower part of the map, and past another blue health. At the end is a balcony with a low blast shield and UA ammo.

[edit] Map Guide

Most of the fighting will take place on the lower level of the map. However, in a lot of your battles, when you have the upper hand, your opponent will make a hasty retreat. It is your job to prevent this from happening. When fighting, do your best to have your back to the jump pad leading up to the blue healths. That way, if your opponent wants to get up there, he will have to get through you. If you are Sylux, angle a tripwire while in Lockjaw form on the jump pad, so that when your opponent goes up, there is no way that they can dodge it. Also, Shock Coil when you know that your opponent is low to trick them into alt. Then, you can quickly finish them off with the Magmaul while they make an attempt to retreat. Use your head when retrieving the orb from the side hallway on the lower floor. Going in there gives your opponent an opportunity to pummel you with Magmaul and Judicator shots. That is basically all you need to know to win on this map. Just keep the health spawns under control, keep your back to the jump pad, and don't let your opponent run. Good luck! ^_^

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