Chozo Ruins

The Chozo Ruins are the first area that Samus goes to from Tallon Overworld on Tallon IV.

As the name implies the area is comprised of ruins of the Chozo civilization, built around the landscape of the natural area. Numerous items that will be necessary for exploration will be found here, including the Morph Ball, Missiles, Charge Beam, Bombs and Varia Suit, and later on in the game the Ice Beam and Wavebuster.

Don't step into the water, however: the rooms that have water in them have had the water poisoned, a situation that won't be rectified until the area's boss is defeated!

Later on in the game various rooms are inhabited by Chozo ghosts. These aberrations will attack any intruder on sight indiscriminately, be it one of the Space Pirates or Samus herself, and the only way to defeat them is with the Charge Beam or the Super Missile Charge Combo.

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