Characters (MP3)

Rundas-Rundus--------------- Rundas was born on Phrygis, a moon of planet Bes III known mainly for ice mining. Phrygisians are commonly able to manipulate and generate ice, however, Rundas is one of very few to use this ability as a Hunter. Rundas was terminated approximately four weeks after his corruption during the Space Pirate attack on Norion. He was immediately killed upon being impaled with a spire of ice, likely created by an uncontrolled burst of his own cryokinesis. He enjoys hunting, to the point that he keeps trophies of all targets he has successfully captured or killed in his career. He is also considered extremely proud, cocky, and arrogant, believing himself to be unmatched in his field however he seems to have a strong sense of justice. His arrogant demeanor leads him to mainly seek solo missions and rarely works with others.

Ghor-Ghor------ Ghor is a veteran of the liberation war of Wotan VII. During the war, Ghor was heavily injured, and was forced to modify much of his body with state-of-the-art cybernetic replacements. As a result, only 6% of his original body remains. However, Ghor still has personality, and is known for his empathy, compassion, and sense of humor. He is also gentle and intelligent, though is not skilled at fighting. He helps the weak, poor, and troubled by working as a Bounty Hunter for free or giving bounty money he earned to the victims of his targets. Ghor also has a large armorsuit which doubles as a gunship and provides him with strong armaments. Merging with his suit causes his personality to about face, making him aggressive and violent. Ghor works very well with anything mechanical, causing him to be often hired for missions requiring computer infiltration or manipulation. Without his armour he appears to be fairly weak, however, as Samus is easily able to see him off with a few shots when he confronts her in the chamber beneath the Aurora unit in Skytown.

Gandrayda-Gandraya---------------- Gandrayda is a Bounty Hunter born on an unknown planet. However, she possesses the metamorphic ability similar to the inhabitants of Jovia XII. She can assume the form and abilities of most living things, including creatures much larger than her. Her age is unknown, though a psych evaluation suggests she is fairly young. She considers Bounty Hunting a very enjoyable sport and considers Samus Aran her chief rival. She intends to surpass Samus as a veteran Bounty Hunter as soon as possible. She has powerful combat capabilities though is often hired for stealth and reconnaissance missions due to her ability to mimic creatures. Lore on the Pirate Homeworld suggests that she becomes a Space Pirate, referring to her as "Mistress Gandrayda" - it is highly likely that she fell under the influence of Dark Samus after being corrupted by Phazon.

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