Bottle Ship

The Bottle Ship

The Bottle Ship is the setting of Metroid: Other M. Inside the Ship are several sectors, each designed to accommodate lifeforms from various worlds, though the majority seem to be from the planet Zebes. It was built by the Galactic Federation to create bio-weapons for warring against other races, such as the Space Pirates.


[edit] Areas

[edit] Lifeforms

[edit] Conspiracy

It seems to be a well-hidden secret within the Federation: being stationed in a remote part of space; Adam Malkovich and his team having no awareness at first of the true purpose of the Ship; and the people in charge placing an assassin within Adam's team to kill them to assure that the Ship is unknown to the rest of the universe. This is most likely due to bio-weapons being illegal.

[edit] History

The Bottle Ship was owned by the Galactic Federation in order to test bioweapons, cloning, and other illegal scientific actions, hence its placement far out in space. On board, they used DNA taken from Samus' suit to clone a wide array of creatures, unintentionally including Ridley. They created an army of cybernetic Zebesians, then MB, an artificial intelligence with the copied thought processes of Mother Brain. It formed a body and emotions from interacting with the Metroids the station had too created, and even propagated a Queen Metroid somehow. When she began questioning and disagreeing with the other scientists, they tried to have her reprogrammed. She revolted against this, her Mother Brain-side kicking in and proceeding to control the Zebesians to attack everyone aboard, purposefully only leaving Madeline Bergman alive, who then sent out the distress signal, 'Baby's Cry'. MB then planned to pilot the ship on a course to the Galactic Federation, after which she'd release unfreezable Metroids, Zebesians and the rampant creatures of the Bottle Ship upon humanity.

Samus Aran, whilst voyaging through space after the events of Super Metroid, receives the signal and lands upon the Bottle Ship, as well as Platoon 07 containing Adam Malkovich and Anthony Higgs, who got there slightly earlier. With the Platoon came The Deleter, who was hired to kill any survivors as well as the rest of his team to cover up what the Bottle Ship had been doing. Samus' arrival meant he had to kill her as well.

The group teams up and investigates the ship, several of them being picked off by the Deleter. Eventually the Deleter himself is killed by MB, Adam sacrifices himself to destroy the Metroids, Samus defeats Ridley, the Queen Metroid and MB and Anthony stops the ship from reaching Galactic Federation space, saving millions of lives. The Bottle Ship is then swiftly closed down and destroyed by the corrupt parts of the Galactic federation, quickly concealing what they'd done.

Several creatures aboard the Bottle Ship were taken prior to this however to B.S.L. Research Station, such as Ridley and Nightmare. This set up their appearances in the sequel, Metroid Fusion.

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