[edit] Arachnius


A familiar boss from Metroid 2: The Return of Samus. However, he has greatly trained his fighting skills, and you can only hit him when he is standing, evade him while he is rolling by grabbing on to one of the ledges and staying there until he passes. When he's standing, shoot him with your missiles (He will take 15 or so before falling). If you run out, just revert to firing your beam it does less damage but it is still adequate, and watch out for his fire spires. Defeating him reveals a Core X. Simply hit it with three missiles and retrieve your morph ball.

[edit] Fake Chozo Statue

This is the second boss you will encounter and is located in Sector 1 SRX. Enter the large room and look for a Chozo statue. Shoot the ball in it’s hands and wait for it to transform into a Core-X. Once it does, shoot it in the eye [once it opens it’s eye] and dodge the backslash. After you defeat it you will get the Charge Beam.

[edit] Pogo X

The next creature you will meet is a jumping animal…creature…I don’t know…I call it the jumping freak…any way, to beat this jumping thing all you have to do is when it jumps up and opens it’s mouth shoot missiles into it. If you get caught in the mouth morph ball and lay a bunch of bombs. After you kill it a Core-X will come out. Like with Arachnus all you do is shoot missiles at it until it turns red and explodes. After you absorb the X, you will have the high jump and morph ball jump.

[edit] Serris

Ohh ho! So you’ve come this far ehh…well congratulations. then you reached a toughie. Serris is a huge water dragon that goes FAST when hit. Once you enter the watery room climb up a ladder and stand on one of the platforms that is not cracked. Then Serris will come out and fly around at normal speed. What you want to do here is to charge your beam and sink down to the bottom and find a safe spot [I prefer near the door] Or if thats too difficult go to the ladder on the far right, every so often Serris will comu up right by it and you'll have a clear shot at the head. If he’s facing you, get out of the way because Serris will be on a rampage and will be invulnerable for a moment while he is in speed boost mode. Repeat until you defeat Serris. Your prize is the super speed booster.

[edit] Malfunctioning Security Bot

After you download the super missile data and try to head out of Sector PYR you’ll hear an explosion. Head back to the room before the data room and you’ll see the Security Robot attacking the data room door. This boss is fairly easy all you have to do is jump up on the ladder and shoot your newly downloaded super missles at tje the weak spot (the center). When he drops bombs get as far away as you can then they will shrink get on the other side before they return to their normal size. Sadly you get nothing for this fight this time anyway, other than another exit route.

[edit] X Cores

X Core after the fight with Nightmare

After some first boss fights, you will see another X appear. These are called Core X. To kill these and gain the powers of the boss you just fought you either charge your beam and shoot while the eye is open, or shoot missles at it while it's eye is open.

[edit] Mega Core-X

This boss is so big it is invulnerable to missiles. So you have to charge up your beam and shoot at it until it shrinks down to the size of a regular core X then dispatch it to be rewarded with the Varia suit! Which allows you to withstand extreme temperatures and absorb the blue X which heals more.

[edit] Mad Scientist X

OK now, you will meet a scientist operating the cooling unit in one of the rooms while your speeding to find it…the cooling unit, of course. Shoot the fakie with a charged up beam shot and wait for it to turn into a Core-X. This the same as the Chozo statue X and is defeated the same way this will give you the wide beam.

[edit] Yakuza


This arachnid creature is one of the last bosses in the game nevertheless it isn't to hard to defeat. make sure that you keep in your morph ball form in the first stage of the fight and stay all the way to one corner. If he does manage to grab you he will body slam you and you'll take major damage to avoid this while he is lifting you up rapidly left and right on the controll pad and he should let go. Attack him by either firing missiles or fully charged beams in his mouth when he opens it. After a while he looses his legs and space jumps around avoid his minor attacks and fire missiles or fully charged beam shots to finish it once and for all. He is located on the main deck near the reactor silo.

[edit] SA-X

Ah, now this one is kinda hard but not really. Charge up your beam and perform a screw attack over it the SA-X should copy you, that’s when you fire the beam repeat ‘till defeat and same thing with the monster. The reward is that you get to live. Once you go back to the ship after engaging the crash sequence, you will meet up with an Omega Metroid. Let it swipe you and no matter how much energy you have, you will be downsized to one point and no tanks. Do not worry the SA-X will come and take a few shots at it and the Metroid will kill it with one swipe. Collect the X and perform the same thing dodging the claw attacks.

[edit] Plant Core X

The only advice that can be given is stand on the tall pillar and start rapid firing missles at it. plant power bombs when theres too much of those annoying floating things. Then its head will blow off and it will start firing the plasma beam at you. Either duck or jump depending on how it fires it. Then take out the core X as usual and whats the prize? The Plasma Beam, finally.

[edit] Nightmare-X


Whoa. You are one good player to come this far. But ha! This boss is a real test of your skills and is one of the hardest in the game. Once you drop into the room, stand in the middle and wait for the boss. Once Nightmare shows up, there are two choices of weapons. One’s a charged up beam shot the other is missiles. Go with missiles they’re much quicker than the beam. Shoot at the canon until Nightmare messes with the gravity so its like your underwater. Then switch to beam until the canon blows up with it his face mask (wish the face mask would stay on because its pretty gross). Then climb up on the ladder and begin rapidly shooting it in the face with missles. If it gets to close space jump out of there and try to avoid it as it floats around the room until it ends up by the ladder then do the same as before missiles straight to the face! Destroy the core X to get the gravity suit.

[edit] Security Bot 2

Same thing as the other. Walk into the room, plant a power bomb and hop up on the ladder but be careful not to fall down because the water is electrified. He will act the same as in the first battle except this time he will shoot missles which can eaisly be destroyed with the plasma beam. Shoot Missles at the weak part until he gets destroyed. Destroying his beam core X will net you the wave beam which can penetrate walls.

[edit] Ridley X

This fight will begin with Ridley, descending from the top of the screen. The fight will commence. he uses two main attacks. One, he will use his tail as a dagger and move forward to you while striking down. Avoid this by space jumping over him. Second, he will attack you with fire. And again, use space jump to avoid. He has no general "weak" spot but anything will damage him. Beat him, and a X will appear. Kill it, and you have the new Screw Attack.

[edit] SA-X (Beast Form)

After the fight with the SA-X in your armor, he will turn into a monster that will jump to attack. I suggest waiting for him to get close, then jump at the highest platform to the left of the screen. Then continually shoot down while jumping up.

[edit] Omega Metroid

Omega Metroid

An old familiar metroid first found in metroid II well in Metroid Fusion he is your final challenge, no matter what Omega metroid seems like a very tough being, but in fact he is quite easy, much easier then SA-X. When you first enter the room purposly get hit by it and you'll be sent flying with one 1 health point left oh no!! but then the SA-X comes and attacks the it only to be destroyed. But you can now absorb the final core X and take it to the metroid. The only problem is that Omega metroid deals you damage of 100 energy units even when you are fully equipped with the Ice beam and the Fusion suit, so 20 hits and you are Omega metroids lunch, on top of that you have to hurry because of the countdown to impact with SR-388, you must evacuate the BSL station asap, but this creature is your final task before you can flee into safety and watch the BSL crash land on SR 388. Even with the Ice Beam, the Omega Metroids only weak spot is his glowing chest. When attacking, rapidly fire the Ice Beam to take him out as quickly as possible. Try to time when he attacks, so you can quickly get out of the way before he strikes. Also trying charging up the ice beam for even more damage

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