Biologic Research Station

The Biologic Research Station is a Galactic Federation funded research vessel similar in function to the Bottle Ship, only containing life from SR388 instead of Zebes, though some of the life from the Bottle Ship had been moved there, such as Ridley and Nightmare. It is also breeding Metroids, again like the Bottle Ship.

[edit] X Infection

After a research group went to SR388 with Samus Aran to sample more creatures, she was infected by an X-parasite, as were several of the creatures brought on board. The X within her suit multiplied and became SA-X, who proceeded to free all of the X to let them run amok on the station. They proceeded to infect every creature on board bar the Etecoons and Dachoras. Samus travelled through the station, regaining abilities she lost to the X until she was strong enough to defeat SA-X. After its said defeat, she then moved the station to collide with SR388, destroying both.

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