Beetoms are small life-forms found on planet Zebes. They own a similar ability to Metroids in that they can drain the life-force of Samus Aran, and can only be removed through the use of a Morph Ball Bomb. They are similar in appearence to the Splinters on Aether.

[edit] In-game

If they are alerted to Samus's presence, they will proceed to leap onto her and attach itself. It's 'face' will then go red in colour and begin to drain her, only removable via several Bombs. They are completely unharmed by ordinary Beam weapons, bar the Ice Beam which can freeze them. They can be destroyed by Missiles, Super Missiles, Morph Ball Bombs and Power Bombs. They are also destroyed if they make contact with Samus whilst she is using the Speed Booster.

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