A weapon that lobs green energy blasts rapidly. Upon impact, the blasts explode create a small blast radius, the radius can be increased with gravity (making it travel higher). This weapon can cause friendly fire damage.

[edit] Battlehammer Information

Affinity User: Weavel

Affinity Bonus: Inflicts more damage and a larger blast radius.

Battle Hammer- Does not do more damage for a headshot Battlehammer: 12

Battlehammer-Weavel: 12-18

Battlehammer-Splash: 12

[edit] Battlehammer Usage

The non-affinity Battle Hammer barely has any splash and it's very hard to make it accurate, without great accuracy the non-affinity battle hammer is rendered useless. When you wield the Battlehammer with Weavel, it is stronger and has splash damage, making it dangerous in small areas, such as Tunnels, and other enclosed spaces. Whenever you have the Battlehammer, according to your level of accuracy, you can either hold the fire button, or press it separately for each shot. When you become confident in your abilities, you should try it with the fire button held down. You don't have to hit the enemy exactly, because the splash damage radius is one of the largest splash. Recommended Maps: -Combat Hall: Small hallway, closed areas. -Sanctorus: Same as above, but smaller with more hallways. -Council Chamber: Has plenty of small spaces, as well as larger areas for tong range firing. -Processor Core: Little hallways, and small central hub for fighting. Bad Arenas: -Any Gateway: Too large for actual Battlehammer fighting. -Arenas with large open areas.

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