Asboreans are worm-like organisms inhabiting the Bottle Ship. They wear armour similar in looks to some species of crab.


[edit] Attacks

Asboreans attack via sliding along the ground and trying to ram into [{Samus Aran]]. It can also shoot Asborean Spawns, smaller, explosive version of the creature, that explode upon contact with Samus. Finally, it attacks through standing up and trying to either slice Samus with its claws or headbutt her.

[edit] Weaknesses

Asboreans have a red weakpoint on their underbellies, revealed when they are about to attack with a headbutt or swipe. Every so often the Asborean will expose its head after sliding around, allowing Samus to attack the unarmoured creature, and with a lethal strike rip it from the armour completely where it can then be easily destroyed.

[edit] Appearances

Asboreans have appeared just once in the series so far.

[edit] Metroid: Other M

Asboreans are treated as a sort of miniboss throughout several parts of the Bottle Ship, where they detach from the walls to impede Samus' quest.

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