Armor and Armaments (Metroid Prime)

As Samus delves deeper and deeper into her adventure in Metroid Prime, she will find power-ups that improve both her arsenal and her suit. Every power-up will help her access something new in the vast regions of Talon IV, so remember to return to areas that you normally wouldn't be able to venture to once you get a power-up. Also, pay close attention to the colors of closed doors, as they should help you choose which weapons you need to use to open them.

[edit] Armor

Power Suit

    Samus's standard Power Suit was built specifically for her by the Chozo people. It is integrated eith her body, acting as a sort of second skin. Not only does the Power Suit provide shielding in battle and improved physical abilities, but it has many life-supporting abilities, allowing Samus to survive in water and even space.

Varia Suit

    Once Samus finds the Varia suit, she will be able to survive extremely high temperatures like those found in the Magmoor Caverns. The suit resembles the original Power Suit, but with more details and a darker tone of colors.

Gravity Suit

    The Gravity Suit negates the effects of water, allowing Samus to move and jump regulary while underwater. The suit has a purple color tone to it, and other than that resembles the Varia Suit.

Phazon Suit

    This suit allows Samus to enter the Impact Crater, where she finds Metroid Prime, the source of Phazon. Once Samus defeats it, all the Phazon in Tallon IV gets sucked back, including the Phazon in her suit, reverting her back to the Gravity Suit. The Phazon Suit also plays a major role in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.
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