Arcterra Gateway Glitches

Invisible Pole Glitch:
at the top of the map, near the entrances to Wall Glitches 5 and six, there is an invisible pole that you can walk on. Just shoot off the edges of the platform near the Wall Glitch entrances, and you will shoot a solid object. That will be the pole.

Arcterra Gateway Wall Glitch 1:
Go on a jump pad on the bottom floot, then go on the next jump pad, but now, fall between the rock and the stairs on the bottom floor. You should be in the wall.

Arcterra Gateway Wall Glitch 2:
Be Weavel, and go to the bottom floor, now go to where you get in Wall Glitch 1. Jump up torwards the wall, go in HalfTurret, and HalfTurret Slice. You now have to walk at an angle, and you'll slip through the wall, and be in the glitch.

Arcterra Gateway Wall Glitch 3:
Go on one of the jump pads on the bottom floor, and look underneath the 2nd jump pad. There is a ledge underneath the bridge, and jump pad. Land on that ledge, and go in Alt. Form. SLOWLY, go into the crack while in Alt. Form, and once your past that, Come back into BiPed quickly, or you'll fall out of the glitch.

Arcterra Gateway Wall Glitch 4:
Be Weavel, and go to the bottom floor yet again. There will be a jump pad that is near a huge tower thing, with little squares to stand in. Get in the bottom right square, go in HalfTurret, HalfTurret Slice, and walk at an angle. You'll fall into the glitch from here.

Arcterra Gateway Wall Glitch 5:
Go ALL THE WAY UP, to the top floor. Now, go to the box connected to the wall that looks like it has an Alt. tunnel. Anyway, jump up into the small space, and jump even more to go further to the left. Once in the correct spot, aim up just a little bit, and walk torwards the wall while turning left real slowly. You will soon enough, go through the wall. Now, your aiming for the black area behind the wall in the below hallway. Make is past that wall, and your perfectly safe from any harm. You cant fall off an edge either.

Arcterra Gateway Wall Glitch 6:
Take the same past as Wall Glitch 5. Now, once you go through the wall, dont jump behind the wall, jump to the right, behind the whole hallway. Now, look down as you fall, and you will see a patch of snow. Land on, to take some serious damage. Now, stay here, or lump around the big tower, so you will be in Wall Glitch 4.

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