Alternate Form

Alternate form or Alt. form is a term introduced in Metroid Prime: Hunters to describe the secondary form a hunter may take. All seven hunters in Metroid Prime: Hunters have their own unique alternate form with its own unique abilities. Each seems to be loosely based around Samus famous morph ball mode. They can be used to enter tunnels and small areas otherwise inaccessible in much the same way as the morph ball is used in Campaign mode. All alternate forms are activated by tapping the icon in the lower-right corner of the touch screen.


[edit] Alternate Forms

[edit] Samus Aran

[edit] Morph Ball

Samus crouches down and transforms into a small metallic sphere known as the morph ball. The morph ball is capable of laying up to three morph ball bombs at a time. When each explodes, Samus will be able to lay them once more with an unlimited supply. These bombs can be used to propel the morph ball into the air. The boost ball function is also present, which can be charged up for a short burst of speed.

[edit] Kanden

[edit] Stinglarva

Kanden's alternate form allows him to take on the form of the stinglarva. The stinglarva's tail can be detached, after which it will explode as a morph ball bomb would. This explosion can also be used to launch the stinglarva into the air in the same way. Should an enemy hunter be near by when the tail is detached it will track after them slightly until it explodes.

[edit] Spire

[edit] Dialanche

Spire transforms into dialanche, a large spiked boulder capable of scaling walls. To do so, simply direct the dialanche into a wall and continue in that direction upon reaching it. The firing trigger causes the rock forms around dialanche to float outwards slightly, then spin rapidly about itself, dealing damage physically to hunters in the vicinity. Both Spire and his dialanche form are immune to the damaging effects of lava.

[edit] Noxus

[edit] Vhoscythe

Noxus and other Vhozon are capable of withdrawing his arms and legs to streamline his form into one comparable to that of a top. As the player holds the firing trigger, the vhoscythe will extend a scythe-like appendage outwards and spin more quickly. The longer it is held, the faster the vhoscythe spins and thus, the more damage it deals to the opponent.

[edit] Trace

[edit] Triskelion

Highly advanced bio-engineering has given Kriken warriors a new and very deadly form. Interestingly, the Triskelion relies on close combat attacks while Trace himself prefers long-range sniping. The three-legged triskelion is described in the logbook as a war machine. While remaining still the Triskelion becomes transparent, making it difficult to see unless the opponent is aware of its presence. It is not completely invisible, however, and can still be located with the radar. The triskelion's powerful lunge attack deals a massive 50 points of damage to opponents.

[edit] Sylux

[edit] Lockjaw

Sylux's alternate form is the Lockjaw, yet more engineering stolen from the Galactic Federation. It is considered the fastest and most easily maneouvered of the alternate forms. It is also the alt. form most comparable to the morph ball, with three bombs that may be laid at a given time. The lockjaw's bombs differ in function, however. A single bomb will remain in place, exploding should an enemy make contact with it. Two bombs placed will extend an electrical tripwire between them. If an enemy walks into it, both bombs will retract along the wire towards the foe, exploding and causing damage. As the third bomb is placed it will complete a triangle. If an enemy is caught inside the triangle they will be inflicted with a great deal of damage. The smaller the area of the triangle, the greater the damage. Should a bomb be placed too far from the others all bombs will simply explode where they are, allowing the player to reset the traps. In low-gravity arenas it is common for the Lockjaw to be seen rapidly detonating the bombs, propelling the Locjaw upwards in order to float about the arena easily.

[edit] Weavel

[edit] Halfturret

Weavel's halfturret is unique as it is the only alternate form to consist of two seperate entities. Weavel's legs remain in the position they were at upon seperating as an automatic turret. If an enemy comes within range it will unleash a barrage of Battlehammer shots upon it. The torso is player-controlled, walking on its arms about the arena. Its only means of attacking is a jumping attack in which it flails its arms at the opponent. When Weavel takes on the form of the halfturret his health is divided in two and half is distributed to each entity. If either half is destroyed, Weavel is killed. The halfturret can reunite into the form of hunter Weavel at any time, regardless of where the turret legs were left behind.

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