Alinos Gateway

Recommended Hunters

Trace, Spire
Map Size


Affinity Weapon, Battlehammer, Imperialist, Magmaul, Missiles

Alinos Gateway is one of the largest maps in the game, presenting players with a large circular stage filled with places to hide, snipe, fight, and take plenty of damage. A large portion of the map is covered in lava, perfect for Spire who has an immunity, with small islands of rock providing safe spots with missile ammunition as well as jump pads. The jump pads are convenient ways to traverse large amounts of the map in a short amount of time.


[edit] Tactics

[edit] Close Combat

The large circular structure in the middle of the map is the location of most close combat. Here, players have access to two health orbs, which restore 60 health points, and the Affinity Weapon. While engaged in close combat, make sure to jump around and stay near the edge of the structure. This allows you quick access to the health orbs and gives you more space to fire at your opponent. If your health drops dangerously low, you can also morph to your Alternate Form and drop from the structure, take a jump pad, and escape to look for more health of ammunition.

There are other areas where your hunter may be engaged. Near the Magmaul spawn, you may be engaged by more aggressive players. Here, there is less chance of you easily avoiding them, despite the multiple places of cover. If you are the aggressive player, make sure to continually engage. If possible, fire multiple shots of the Magmaul to make the area dangerous for alt forms and desperate jumping, follow up with rapid shots of the Power Beam, Missiles, or, if Kanden, the Volt Driver.

[edit] Ranged Combat

Due to the large size and multitude of hiding places, sniping is a common venue for gaining kills on Alinos Gateway. The Imperialist is located in a small alcove to the left of the middle structure. You can either reach it by taking the pathway by the Battlehammer spawn, or by taking a Jump-pad to it - one from the far side leads straight to it, if you jump while flying, and the jump-pad near the alcove can also be used if you press towards the nearby spire and jump to the ledge from there. While in the alcove, you may be consistently fired upon, unless other players are engaged in close combat elsewhere on the field. Since this spot is often used by snipers, it is quickly targeted so always be on guard! Make sure to watch for other players that may be targeting you and go for quick head shots while trying to remain unseen.

Skilled players also sit on islands in the lava or atop the various spires around the map. If you take a jump-pad, but press against the direction, you can reach the top of a spire by only jumping. This technique is great for Trace because of his camouflaging which makes it hard to spot him.

Spire players have many more options when it comes to range. Due to his invulnerability to lava and his coloring, the lava makes a great hiding spot. Going towards the far corners of the map offer plenty of range and opportunity for kill stealing and sniping, as long as you move around to avoid getting caught.

[edit] Lava Flow Sniping

Note: This is a glitch. Use at your own risk.

Since this technique is best for Trace and requires traveling through the lava, it is recommended you practice this multiple times alone or with friends before attempting online or competitively. Equip the Imperialist and head toward the right corner of the Lava Flow. Continue walking forward until you reach two turns in direction and a tan/brown wall. Walk half-way to the wall and jump while holding left and up and looking up. If you do not let go, you will reach a horizontal segment where your hunter begins walking. Turn around and snipe! If you use Trace, you will be invisible as long as you do not move, making this the ultimate sniping location.

[edit] Other

Make sure not to sit in one area for too long because you will be targeted quickly. Continuous and random jumping are the key to staying alive here.

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