Aether is a large planet in the Dasha region of space and the setting of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The planet has no sun,instead a core energy source known as the Light of Aether harnessed by its inhabitants, the Luminoth, provides light and energy. Once a peaceful sanctuary for the Luminoth, where they helped cultivate the planets natural beauty, around 50 years ago in Samus' timeline, a Leviathan made impact with the planet, the force of which tore the delicate nature of the planet caused by the Light of Aether into two. Light and Dark Aether were then born, two seperate dimensions co-existing within the skeins of planet Aether.

Light Aether: The Luminoth continued to inhabit Light Aether, and found that the planetary energy of the Light of Aether had been cut in two, leaving them only half. The planet became rocked with violent electrical storms in its atmosphere and purple fog, the Dark dimension of Aether bleeding through. There is also no trace of the meteor that impacted the planet, unbeknownst to the Luminoth having landed upon Dark Aether instead after the dimension-split. They also had no knowledge of the Dark dimension even existing, and unaware of their greatest enemies having been born upon Dark Aether.

Dark Aether: Dark Aether is the dark mirror of Light Aether, whilst sharing the same basic landscape, the very air is poisonous to all entities from the Light dimension, and upon it the Leviathan's husk lays, and as such this dimension is the only place on Aether where Phazon can be found. When Dark Aether was born, the Ing were born too, possibly mirroring the Luminoth of Light Aether. The Ing eventually learned to used portals to invade Light Aether, seeking to claim the remainder of the planetary energy which they too only have half of. Once they collect all the energy, Dark Aether would fully dominate Aether's space and erase Light Aether from existence, along with all who inhabit the planet.

The War: When the Ing invaded Light Aether, the Luminoth, despite being a peaceful race, had no choice but to defend themselves, and war teared across Light Aether. This war lasted seventy years and the Luminoth sustained heavy losses, as did the planet. Places like the grassland Agon Wastes burning, leaving a dark wasteland in place of the places beauty that the Luminoth had cultivated. The Luminoth created new technologies such as the Light, Dark and Annihilator beams to aid them in battle, as well as the Light and Dark suits to combat the Ing horde. Portal-opening devices were key to their plan for retaliation on the Ing, allowing them to traverse into Dark Aether, as well as a beacon system they utilized to protect them from Dark Aether's deadly atmosphere. The Energy Transfer Module was the most important element in their strategy, as it was to be used to transfer the planetary energy from Dark Aether to Light Aether, erasing all the Ing in the process. However, the Ing managed to steal the module and use it against them, taking the Light of Aether from the temples of the Agon Wastes, Torvus Bog and Sanctuary Fortress areas, which greatly weakened the dimension of Light Aether and caused the Luminoth to lose almost all hope, especially after Sanctuary Fortress was overrun, being their final true bastion against the horde. They each retreated to the Great Temple's stasis chambers and went into hibernation, all except U-Mos, who stayed awake to try and find hope for his people, and to defend the last fraction of planetary energy held within the Temple.

Visitors: The Space Pirates, after their failure upon Tallon IV, came to the planet in search of more Phazon, though found none. The Ing attacked them from the Dark dimension and used the Luminoth's technology to head there in realisation of a different dimension, where there could be Phazon. They found Phazon in the other dimension, though had a hard time collecting it between vicious attacks by the Ing, and by Dark Samus, who is too looking for Phazon. A Space Pirate cargo ship was heading to the planet when it was attacked by the [Galactic Federation]] ship GFS Tyr and after a short fight, was damaged and fell to the planet, followed by the GFS Tyr, which was struck by lightning and crashed, stranding its crew upon Aether.

Hope: Samus Aran, when on a mission by the Galactic Federation to find out the wherabouts of the GFS Tyr and its crew, gave the Luminoth a final hope. She crashed upon the planet like the GF ship did, in the aftermath of flying through the very turbulent atmosphere of the planet. She treks to the Great Temple and meets U-mos after battling a hive of Splinters and a small force of Ing possessing some more within the temple, including an Alpha Splinter. He requests her assistance in saving Aether, with the ultimatum that once the Ing had dominated Aether they would head out into the stars and slaughter the rest of the universe, including her race. With nowhere to go due to her ship being damaged, and wanting to help the Luminoth, she accepts. She heads out to the main areas of Light Aether to find their temples, before crossing to Dark Aether, finding the keys to the Dark temples, before entering them. She fought great Ing-possessed guardians in the temples, such as Amorbis, and absorbed the planetary energy afterwards, weakening Dark Aether, before heading into the dark and corrupt version of the Luminoth's Great Temple, where she destroyed the Emperor Ing and absorbed the last piece of energy, causing Dark Aether to begin to close. Samus left the temple only to be confronted by Dark Samus, and after a hard battle, Samus was the eventual winner. The Ing tried to stop her getting back to Light Aether, wanting to take her down with them, but she was able to escape the squad of vengeful Ing and returned to the Light dimension.

Aether Restored: Upon Light Aether, the skies returned to normal and the portals into Dark Aether closed as it was erased from existence. The Luminoth bid farewell to Samus and most likely began trying to rejuvanate their wartorn planet, including disassembling the base the Space Pirates made, and handing over the Phazon they had collected to the Galactic Federation, leaving the planet in peace.

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