Advanced Aerotrooper

[edit] Overview

The Advanced Aerotrooper is an upgraded and deadlier version of the basic Aerotrooper. It's one of a number of Aerotrooper sub-species. There's also the Armored Aerotrooper and the Assault Aerotrooper.

The Advanced Aerotrooper is resistant to the Charge Beam attack. In order to defeat it, the player needs to use missiles. They have numerous weapons at their disposal. They have a twin-beam attack, Remote Attack Pods and Gel Bombs, favouring the latter two. The Remote Attack Pod shoots the Advanced Aerotrooper's own kind of missile or Gel Bombs and has two of them. The Gel Bomb is made of a sticky substance, allowing it to attach to whatever it hits for a guaranteed successful detonation. The Gel Bomb can be removed by going into Morph Ball mode and using the Boost Ball attack.

[edit] Logbook Entry

"When the going gets tough, the tough put on armor. Advanced Aerotroopers wear an extra layer of ablative armor that is susceptible to explosive blasts. Like regular Aerotroopers, they wield two Remote Attack Pods in combat. These are outfitted with a Particle Cannon and a Gel Bomb Rack. Gel Bombs stick to their targets until detonation. High-velocity movement can remove Gel Bombs."

[edit] Appearances

The Advanced Aerotrooper appears in the following games:

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