Adam Malkovich

Adam Malkovich

Adam Malkovich as seen in Metroid: Other M
Species Human
Gender Male
First Appearance Metroid Fusion
Most Recent Appearance Metroid: Other M

Adam Malkovich is a Galactic Federation commander. He was originally a general in the Federation Police, though became a commander in the Federation Army. By the time of Metroid: Other M, he leads the Galactic Federations 07th Platoon. He was a commanding officer to Samus Aran, who saw him as a father figure. He meets his death in Other M, though is uploaded to a computer by the time of Metroid Fusion.

[edit] Appearances

Adam Malkovich has appeared twice in the series so far.

[edit] Metroid: Other M

In Metroid: Other M, Adam Malkovich was the leader of Platoon 07th, which consisted of Anthony Higgs, Lyle Smithsonian, Maurice Favreau, James Pierce, and K.G Misawa. Adam, in the game, sacrificed his own life to eliminate Sector Zero and the recreated Metroid (organism)s in a self-destruct sequence. Adam Malkovich has not appeared since, and is thought to be dead.

[edit] Metroid Fusion

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